Thursday, December 9, 2010

You're Beautiful

Who had watched this k-drama put your hands up! of the best I tell ya... for me,its even better than all time fav,Boys Over Flower..

After watching this,I started to think that most of naive-clueless girl easily fell in love with Junpyo/TaeKyung type of boys.Aigoo,is it true?

and for Jihoo/Shin Woo type of guy.. Is it ''bachelor till the end''? please tell me it isnt true T__T

I really fell in love with the characteristic of Go Mi Nyu (not the actress,Park Shin Hye,I mean it).She is the type of girl i've been looking for.But I dont think it's easy to find.sigh -___-

Anyway,better watch it! A.N.Jell hwaiting!

ps-Im gonna kill ya TaeKyung,and take away Go Min Nyu from you! HAHA

Friday, November 26, 2010

Music makes addict

Currently trying to master Fruity Loop Studio software or also known as FLSTUDIO.Its quite addicting,seriously.All you need to have is some simple knowledge of music and ta-daaaaa!! A song is created!

It sure does makes me feel like a producer.HAHA

Here's the screencaps of my current project,ZR-the 4 Seasons

The green bars shows the chord and each individual length act as the time line.

One of my fav sound FX,Sytrus!

Here how it works.

It takes me 3 days to learn the software and the result is here:

ZR-the 4 Seasons (minus one ver.)

do criticize my first project! thx a lot ! :D

MBC Star Audition:We're In it !

Without any preparation,we're trying our luck on this.Checkitout !

MBC Star Audition:Zero Range-Let me hear your voice (malay-japan-english cover)

for one who asking for the lyric,here it is

Sakki made no ame wa mou agatte
Asufaluto tadayou machi no nioi
Hey engkau di sana
Cuaca sudah cerah
Dari barat hingga ke timur

Hirogaru sora wa sou jiyuu de
Walau antara mereka berbeza
Namun kita masih serupa
tada kimi ga inai dake

biarku dgr suaramu
bila kita jujur bersama
Aishiaeru hazu sa
Me wo sora sanai de

Biarku dgr suaramu
Kita salin menyintai
Jgn kau alih pandanganku\
Ima no kono kimochi ga
Satu hala tuju

Yeah, Since you went away hasn't been the same
In my heart all i got is pain
Could it be that i play the game
To loose you, i can't maintain
Sunlight moonlight you lit my life
Realize in the night while love shines bright
Can't let you go we were meant for forever baby let me know

Days passed without you can't forget you
Letting me be the cloud hanging above me
Raining on me missing your touch
Nights get longer and it's hard to clutch
We're apart breaks my heart
Its all for the best girl, you're my world
In time my love unfurls
‘Till then wait for you girl

Satu hala tuju

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Words for you.

A little less conversation between me and ****

''and jge dy elok2
jge relationship tu
jgn rosakkan
**** xrse lg
mcm ktorang
ktorang dah penat asyik usha couple kat uitm
deep in our heart
nk gak
tp xdapat
its not easy to build a relationship right now
most friends kat U
smue dah ade couple
nk cari mne lg?
better start to appreciate what u have
bukan smua org ada relationship mcm **** ada skang''

PS: this isnt just for **** only.Its for all of u that already have a gf/bf.PLEASE take care of your relationship.ONE IS ENOUGH and appreciate what have.You wouldn't like to feel the same as us,the BTL team.Unless,u're that ''HOT'' that u can easily find yourself another gf/bf after breakup.

trust me,its PAINFUL.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The end of the 1st part.Its only a beginning.

So,this is the end of the first semester.Quite epic,stupendously fun and extremely full with drama.

Gettin' a lot of new friends,especially from MD1A and Teknik KL..And the DOTA WARRIORS that hang out at 2.14..

Winning the march competition,against other courses.Manage to get 3rd place for the Mech-Engineering Stationary Holder competition against 14 other mechy group representative.Not bad team!

Till the end, the BTL team still single.Oh yes,the ''Bujang Ter-Lajak'' team,Noa,Haidhar,Mazu,Zaim and myself. As girls around us already ''sold-out'',all we get are only the uneasy feeling of seeing couples at the so call ''de amore'' food court that flashing with pink coloured lovey dovey.

Still keep the faith? I dont know.It's like the answer is just too clear. But still,it's really hard for me to open my heart for other girl.Sigh.I wish I could do that.As the saying goes, ''time will heal everything''.I do hope they are right this time.Only time will tell.

Cheer up BTL.It's only a beginning.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Of Blue-bear and Tue

There's something that I treasure the most.Its a blue-bear phonechain.Its written ''tue'' which means tuesday on it.

Without hesitation,I bought a few bear-phonechains.To give to my best friends.

When I was young,I didn't have much money.But,I really don't want to be bias.As the result,I borrowed my grandma money,just to be fair to my friends.My hunger later is just for weeks,as the present will stay forever.I do believe.

But sadly,there are some that I didn't manage to give.I'm so sorry.Some that live far away,and some that I really wanted to give,but even the money that I borrowed isn't enough.

I know,maybe its just a fancy bear,with thread in their head,but it is the mark of my appreciation to them.Its okay if they had lost it now,but I do hope that they still remember it,
and appreciate it as well as I appreciated them.

Apart from that, there is one that I keep for myself.The only one that catch my eyes.Its the Blue-''tue'' bear.. Its just a plain blue colored bear,but there's something about it that really attract me..

As it's the first phonechain that I bought,I really didn't want to give it to anyone.Promise to myself that I will take care of it even if its worn.

But maybe they're promises that really made to be broken.I didn't have it anymore.I didn't taking care of it anymore..

I didn't lost it.In fact,I put it to the safest place.Its with someone that i fell in love with.As her birthday present.

Deep in my heart,I know that its the only chance for me to give her a present.. the aim,is to give something that is meaningful.. As the time is running out,I decided to give her that blue-bear.. If there's something that is more precious than that,maybe its my own heart..

Im not brave enough.I didn't gave it directly.Im afraid that she wouldn't accept it.So,I asked one of her best friend to give it to her..

In return,she text me to say thanks.Somehow,I feel that the message is much more worthy than that blue bear.

I know she wouldn't read this.But I do hope that she will continue my job to take care of it.

Because maybe its the only thing that will make her remind me.

As someone that is fool enough to fell in love with her.

this one is for Noa,Aqmal and Fakhi
looks like the Ultraman had lost its arms in a battle


I’m still at the same place
I’m weary from wandering by your side
Even today, as I was wandering
Day has passed again and again
Now I’m here
You know. You know that my heart is hurting
Watching you laugh/smile makes my heart ache more
It’s my mistake for not making you love me more

It’s my mistake for loving you more than you loved me
It’s my mistake for not making you love me as much as I wanted you to…

How much longer must I cry?
As I’m trusting that promise/I’m only trusting/ believing that promise
You lied to me to wait for you Even my greedy side (for his love) has grown weary/tired
You know. You know that my heart is hurting/aching
You can’t just ignore and laugh/smile like that

It’s my mistake for not making you love me more
It’s my mistake for loving you more than (you love/like me?)
This is my assumption It’s my mistake for not making you love me as much as I wanted you to..

I knew I couldn’t have you
But my heart (my love for you) just kept growing
It’s my mistake for,
Waiting by myself
Regretting by myself
Loving you
Even though my heart was hurting/aching

It’s my mistake for not letting you go/forgetting you
I’m such a fool. I knew I would get hurt and couldn’t let go.
it’s my mistake
Even though it could be all my mistake.That’s ok.
As long as you’re there…
Please forgive me for being like this (Forgive the person) Who loved you

*One of SNSD latest songs.It's written by Yuri SNSD itself.. urhh,the lyrics is so... T_T
well done yuri for making my heart bleed..

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

When a future Engineer (InsyaAllah) talk about law..its going to be HAVOC!

Haha,Aqmal.. no heart feelings k? just wanna share this.. coz its quite funny readers,be prepare for bingeul2 action!! xD

  • Attach:
Hyuga Gin

Hyuga Gin T-ara said Time To Love...
Eunjung said Without Love U'r nothing..
n i said Without Eunjung my life is nothing...
Eunjung ♥

2 hours ago · ·
    • Awie Agentc eleee..dulu kte t-ara xmnarik.. keke
      2 hours ago ·
    • Hyuga Gin ske ungkit kisah lame.. =.='
      2 hours ago ·
    • Awie Agentc haha..thats the truth..
      2 hours ago ·
    • Hyuga Gin
      bnda uh dh brlalu..
      smua dh brubah..
      lau msh dtakuk lama..
      ktnggalanla ko..
      sbb uh ad lg org aggp korea porn..
      sbb dorg xpnh brubah pmikiran..
      2 hours ago ·
    • Awie Agentc masalahnya..ko pun xberubah gak..ske buat 1st impression yg tak baik.. dulu kte snsd utk org pervert..suddenly minat snsd gle2..then kte kara xlawa,muka smua xmix mcm snsd,pstu ttbe minat jiyoung..pstu kte t-ara xmnarik,suddely ske eunjung,..keke..thats the truth..bukan masalah ak xfaham peredaran zaman,.tp sejarah do teach us..kekeke
      2 hours ago ·
    • Hyuga Gin
      lol at least ak x kutuk lagi..
      ko phm ke x mksd teks brubah?
      pnh dgr first impression is everythg?
      lau first ko x baik,x smesti bnda uh akn kekal buruk..
      then pnh dgr dont judge a book by it's cover?
      lps ko wat andaian bhw first impression x baik..
      depends on ko nk decide sama ad bnda uh ko nk trus anggap x baik,ataupn ko nk tukar anggapan..
      hidup kte pnuh dgn cabaran..
      we cant believe everythg new in our life..
      x slh stiap org de opinion dy sndiri..
      mcm dulu ak pn anggap snsd utk laki gatal..
      but in the end ak ubah opinion ak..
      it's free country where people have the right to talk..
      just give n take..
      yg buruk x slamany buruk,n yg cantik x selamany kekal cantik..
      2 hours ago ·
    • Awie Agentc so,dont judge something directly from your 1st impression..u must learn to adapt other opinion to.. its a free country,. but a free mind is needed.. ko igt mse ko kte lgu beautiful hangover xbest..padahal ko dgr xsmpai 5 saat mse kat stesen minyak petronas.. is 5 sec enough to make an impression? is 5 sec enough to judge whether a song is good or not? i dont think so.. then bile ko dgr kat rumah aku lama sikit.. ko kte lgu tu best lak.. aishi..
      2 hours ago ·
    • Hyuga Gin
      lol ak beautiful hangover pn x pnh dgr..
      first time kot ak dgr..
      mcm ak ckp..
      len org len pndgn..
      ko xleh expect org smua open minded..
      slaluny org yg cpt mmberi ruang kpd sesuatu bnda yg br,akhirny akn jth dlm prangkap diri dy sndiri..
      ad org jenis brhati2..
      ad org jenis slow..
      ad org blh je trima smua..
      maybe ko jenis xpe ak bg peluang dulu..
      tp ad jgk org dy xnk bg peluang tp dy nk bnda uh sndiri tnjkkn ap dy ad..
      erti sbnr org open minded adlh org yg mampu mnerima pmbaharuan..
      dlm kes ak,ak bkn x open minded..
      just hati2 dan teliti krn tkt trsilap lgkh..
      org yg x open minded adlh org yg dr mula smpi habis hnya nmpk kburukan tnpa positif..
      dont expect people has the same taste like u..
      there are many weird people out there..
      u havent seen all of them yet..
      n once u see them..
      u'll know how the world act works..
      2 hours ago ·
    • Awie Agentc weird? i see one of them is you,and how u have the abilty to judge smthing by just a few second..keke
      about an hour ago ·
    • Hyuga Gin
      lol itu nama kebolehan yg tuhan bg..
      if that thg ak rs bgs,ak blh trimala..
      watpe ak nk tipu plak..
      lau ak seorg yg hipokrit,n xnk ngaku slh..
      smpi skrg ak fuck snsd,kara smua..
      ...See More
      about an hour ago ·
    • Awie Agentc haha..k2.. if u said so..
      about an hour ago ·
    • Hyuga Gin Eunjung ♥..
      i have won for u...
      about an hour ago ·
    • Awie Agentc haha,.ak malas nk menaip la..take it laa..dont care
      about an hour ago ·
    • Hyuga Gin
      haha admit jela awi..
      ak sedia battle slagi bnda uh irrelevant dgn ak..
      sbb Malaysia skrg diambang kjatuhan..
      lau msyrkt masa muda kini xde kemahiran brdebat..
      ak x rs kte blh survive..
      dan krisis mlanda negara kte skrg dh makin truk..
      ak xtau pe nk jd dgn pemimpin negara..
      baik kerajaan mahupn pmbgkang..
      about an hour ago ·
    • Awie Agentc haha,. so nk debat balik ke ni?
      about an hour ago ·
    • Hyuga Gin
      lau ko dh give up..
      wat cara give up...
      ko engineer,ak lawyer..
      tugas ko wat bangunan tuk ak debat dgn org demi kebaikan negara..
      about an hour ago ·
    • Awie Agentc
      haha lol.. itu xde kaitan.. xsmestinye engineer xle defend diri sndiri dlm mahkamah..
      dan ko xley guna kuasa ''judge bberapa saat'' ko tu utk meyakinkan hakim yg aku bersalah..
      sbb hakim xweird mcm ko.. hakim xpercaya kpd 1st impression..
      klau aku dtg court muka mat gian,xsemestinye aku hisap dadah..
      itu pegangn seorang hakim.. hakim bukan wat 1st impression..
      not like you.. klau la ada org dtg muka mcm perogol msuk court..aku boleh predict ko akn bgun dlm court smbil mnjerit "TUAN HAKIM,DIA NI PEROGOL!!!".. haha..smua sebab 1st impression ko yg tgk muka dy mcm perogol,tnpa fikir latar belakang..TANPA DGR PENDAPAT ORG LAIN.. bila hakim tye "kenapa ko ckp dy perogol?"

      pstu si hakim dapati butir2 dy bukan perogol..nk taw ko ckp ap?
      ko ckp
      hakim kte "habis tu,bukankah xelok judge smting pakai 1st impression?"
      ko jwb


      haha,drama swasta nii :D
      about an hour ago · · 1 person
    • Hyuga Gin
      ak suh wat bnda len..
      len plak ko mncarut..
      law dgn opinions adlh 2 bnda yg len la bang oii..
      mne blh gne opinion dlm law...
      len kali bg salam dulu sblm msk ye..
      gilo apo guno first impression dlm court..
      ko nk jd org prtama msk tg rmbtn sbb law blhla..
      about an hour ago ·
    • Awie Agentc haha,. it can be related..dont u think so? in court,its the truth.. cant deny it
      about an hour ago ·
    • Hyuga Gin
      mne blhla dul..
      mne blh related..
      dlm law opinion only works on..
      kebebasan brsuara di Malaysia..
      tp ble msk court..
      ap ko ckp ad bukti yg sahih..
      smua prkataan ko dijdkn eviden..
      mne blh ko simply relatedkn dgn opinion..
      ad ke org bncg psl snsd kt court?
      about an hour ago ·
    • Hyuga Gin law is law..
      opinion is opinion..
      phm konsep 2..
      about an hour ago ·
    • Awie Agentc mksud ko law adalah WAJIB BETUL..OPINION salah pun xpe?
      about an hour ago ·
    • Hyuga Gin
      dlm court apabila ko pndi memanipulasi fakta dan bukti..
      mggunakn law..
      kemenangan akn brpihak pd ko..
      itu kalu DLM COURT..
      td kte bncg LUAR DR COURT...
      so opinion adlh smph dlm court..
      about an hour ago ·
    • Awie Agentc so mksudnya,luar court,salah pun xpe? jwb yes or no
      57 minutes ago ·
    • Hyuga Gin
      luar xde btul or slh..
      haish ko nie..
      dh nama pn pndpt..
      ad ke pndpt btul ke slh..
      cth "ad sebiji bola"..
      A brkata "ak rasa bola 2 C pnyala"
      B plak ckp "Xla ak rs bola 2 H pnya"
      H pula ckp "Bola 2 xde spe pnya"..
      dlm 3 3 pndpt nie mne de slh btul..
      nama pn pndpt..
      ko blh ke rate pndpt?
      55 minutes ago ·
    • Awie Agentc yes or jwb pnjg2..ish2
      54 minutes ago ·
    • Hyuga Gin dh jwpn dy xde yes or no..
      ak nk ckp pe?
      53 minutes ago ·
    • Awie Agentc
      yg ni ko boleh select 1 a person make an opinion? mne lg bgus..

      1.i see some girl out of hotel with a man.I think they doing maksiat.I believe my ist impression,and thats my opinion

      2.i see some girl out of hotel with a man.I cant say they doing maksiat just by looking it.So,what if i take a look closely.And see whether they are sibling or not.I must study them 1st before making direct opinion that they doing maksiat or not..

      44 minutes ago ·
    • Hyuga Gin ‎1
      44 minutes ago ·
    • Awie Agentc nice answer.thats truly LAW..because we..ENGINEERs choose 2..
      41 minutes ago ·
    • Hyuga Gin
      so every people do have their own opinion..
      tp dont be so sure..
      x smua lawyer akn pilih satu..
      n x smua engineer pilih 2..
      ak pilih satu sbb case ko x lngkap..
      ko hnya ckp dy kluar hotel..
      tp x ckp brpgng tgn,rapat antara satu sama lain,ataupn brjauhan..
      so for a simple man like me i chose 1 sbb case itu sndiri x kukuh n ko x prlu wat pnilaian mndlm..
      skali lg,brgantung pd INDIVIDU..
      36 minutes ago ·
    • Awie Agentc
      so,xsemestinya adik beradik xboleh pegang tgn? xley mesra2? dah ko nmpk dorang kluar je? nk wat cmne?

      pernah dgr ''dont judge a book by its cover''? kenapa org wat peribahasa cmtu? supaya JGN WAT 1st IMPRESSION,TGK ISI BUKU TU DULU..

      most of people will choose 2..and that is that..xpercaya boleh wat surveyy
      30 minutes ago ·
    • Hyuga Gin
      skrg ap mslhny?
      xde motif lol soalan2 ko...
      ko nk buktikan peribahasa 2..
      ak x ckp pn ak x prcaya dont judge a book by its cover...
      for me first impression 2 pntg..
      abis kalu situasi nie mcmne plak?
      ko pergi interview,tp selekeh..
      xkn ko nk expect org yg interview ko 2 ckp..
      "oh kesian bdk nie,xde duit nk smart"..
      x smestiny ko kena gne satu pribahasa dlm hdup ko..
      ikut keadaan la bro..
      27 minutes ago ·
    • Awie Agentc
      Nabi Muhammad sndiri suruh husnuzhan..(bersangka baik)..

      tgk situation tu td.. pasal a girl kluar dr hotel..bukan pasal interview.. tp opinion ko awal2 dah kte ''dorang wat maksiat''..

      pilih 1

      1.john.anak org kaya.pakai smart2,tp kelulusan universiti pointer rendah..speaking pun xreti..belajar xpndai.g interview

      2.Cena.Ank miskin.Baju yg termmpu just kemeja kelulusan bgus..pengalaman kerja bgus..

      ko nk amik spe kerja?
      nk ikutkan 1st impression,ko pilih nk dapatkn perkerja yg baik,pilih cena..

      ko pilih mana? just jwpn,XNK EXPLAINATION
      20 minutes ago ·
    • Hyuga Gin sbb ak mls nk debat ngn ko ak pilihla 2...
      kdg2 kte prlu mngalah utk elakkn keadaan mnjd buruk...
      white flag on...
      19 minutes ago ·
    • Awie Agentc eunjung utk aku! haha
      18 minutes ago ·
    • Hyuga Gin hah 2 lebih..
      tampar krg..
      18 minutes ago ·
    • Noa North eunjung n seungyun n nicole milik ak!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      16 minutes ago ·
    • Hyuga Gin nie sorg lg..
      bedal la noa..
      15 minutes ago ·