Thursday, October 28, 2010

Of Blue-bear and Tue

There's something that I treasure the most.Its a blue-bear phonechain.Its written ''tue'' which means tuesday on it.

Without hesitation,I bought a few bear-phonechains.To give to my best friends.

When I was young,I didn't have much money.But,I really don't want to be bias.As the result,I borrowed my grandma money,just to be fair to my friends.My hunger later is just for weeks,as the present will stay forever.I do believe.

But sadly,there are some that I didn't manage to give.I'm so sorry.Some that live far away,and some that I really wanted to give,but even the money that I borrowed isn't enough.

I know,maybe its just a fancy bear,with thread in their head,but it is the mark of my appreciation to them.Its okay if they had lost it now,but I do hope that they still remember it,
and appreciate it as well as I appreciated them.

Apart from that, there is one that I keep for myself.The only one that catch my eyes.Its the Blue-''tue'' bear.. Its just a plain blue colored bear,but there's something about it that really attract me..

As it's the first phonechain that I bought,I really didn't want to give it to anyone.Promise to myself that I will take care of it even if its worn.

But maybe they're promises that really made to be broken.I didn't have it anymore.I didn't taking care of it anymore..

I didn't lost it.In fact,I put it to the safest place.Its with someone that i fell in love with.As her birthday present.

Deep in my heart,I know that its the only chance for me to give her a present.. the aim,is to give something that is meaningful.. As the time is running out,I decided to give her that blue-bear.. If there's something that is more precious than that,maybe its my own heart..

Im not brave enough.I didn't gave it directly.Im afraid that she wouldn't accept it.So,I asked one of her best friend to give it to her..

In return,she text me to say thanks.Somehow,I feel that the message is much more worthy than that blue bear.

I know she wouldn't read this.But I do hope that she will continue my job to take care of it.

Because maybe its the only thing that will make her remind me.

As someone that is fool enough to fell in love with her.

this one is for Noa,Aqmal and Fakhi
looks like the Ultraman had lost its arms in a battle


I’m still at the same place
I’m weary from wandering by your side
Even today, as I was wandering
Day has passed again and again
Now I’m here
You know. You know that my heart is hurting
Watching you laugh/smile makes my heart ache more
It’s my mistake for not making you love me more

It’s my mistake for loving you more than you loved me
It’s my mistake for not making you love me as much as I wanted you to…

How much longer must I cry?
As I’m trusting that promise/I’m only trusting/ believing that promise
You lied to me to wait for you Even my greedy side (for his love) has grown weary/tired
You know. You know that my heart is hurting/aching
You can’t just ignore and laugh/smile like that

It’s my mistake for not making you love me more
It’s my mistake for loving you more than (you love/like me?)
This is my assumption It’s my mistake for not making you love me as much as I wanted you to..

I knew I couldn’t have you
But my heart (my love for you) just kept growing
It’s my mistake for,
Waiting by myself
Regretting by myself
Loving you
Even though my heart was hurting/aching

It’s my mistake for not letting you go/forgetting you
I’m such a fool. I knew I would get hurt and couldn’t let go.
it’s my mistake
Even though it could be all my mistake.That’s ok.
As long as you’re there…
Please forgive me for being like this (Forgive the person) Who loved you

*One of SNSD latest songs.It's written by Yuri SNSD itself.. urhh,the lyrics is so... T_T
well done yuri for making my heart bleed..