Friday, September 5, 2014

20 facts about me

I just being cool since Fena tagged me with this stuff, and dont wanna mess with my instagram. So here we go.

1. I can't correctly say the alphabet 'R'
2. I got dark skin
3. I have curly hair
4. I'm underweight
5. I have rabbit teeth
6. I only have birthday once in every 4 years
7. I prefer to swallow all my bitter emotion by myself, instead of sharing with anyone. But I really like it when someone share their's to mine. It makes me feel that they trust me.
8. It's really hard for me to hate someone, and really hard to get mad.
9. I prefer to be sad, rather than be angry.
10. I'm a lazy person. But that doesn't mean that Im irresponsible.
11. I got athmatic problem.
12. I got my ego high when it's on opinion (when I have a strong reasoning on it) but I prefer my ego low when it involve others emotion.
13. I'm not good with sports, and I dont like it.
14. I'm a 'skema' person if breaking that particular rules making me a sinner.
15. Its really hard for me to get motivated. But I do my best in most of things.
16. I dislike any food with chilli. But I can eat spicy food.
17. I like it when people being honest with me.
18. I love art so much, especially music.
19. I dont judge people by its pass. I judge people by its 'deen'.
20. I love Allah, Prophet Muhammad, my family, my friends, and my 'calon isteri'.