Thursday, December 9, 2010

You're Beautiful

Who had watched this k-drama put your hands up! of the best I tell ya... for me,its even better than all time fav,Boys Over Flower..

After watching this,I started to think that most of naive-clueless girl easily fell in love with Junpyo/TaeKyung type of boys.Aigoo,is it true?

and for Jihoo/Shin Woo type of guy.. Is it ''bachelor till the end''? please tell me it isnt true T__T

I really fell in love with the characteristic of Go Mi Nyu (not the actress,Park Shin Hye,I mean it).She is the type of girl i've been looking for.But I dont think it's easy to find.sigh -___-

Anyway,better watch it! A.N.Jell hwaiting!

ps-Im gonna kill ya TaeKyung,and take away Go Min Nyu from you! HAHA