Monday, November 26, 2012


Ulasan gambar: Mempunyai kekasih calon isteri tidak semestinya sama dengan bercouple. Ibarat orang yang sudah bertunang, maka tunang itu adalah calon isterinya dan juga kekasihnya.  Selagi mereka tidak berdua2an dan melanggar batas2 syarak, maka hukumnya harus. Bercouple yang berkepit ke sana ke kemari berdua2an itu yang haram.

Haa kan? Its all depends on the individual. Tak semestinya pasangan couple tu semestinya buat maksiat.. gunakan masa untuk planning waktu utk kahwin.. ala senang crite kalau setuju, nikah gantung jela terus, xya nk couple2.. xD

Sunday, November 25, 2012

10K visitor !

Hoorayy~ haha maybe this is actually nothing , but woaah~ finally right?
Doesn't matter whether you read or not, but do support mehhh ! :D

Friday, November 23, 2012

Drama Swasta Result Exam.. wew

Omoo baru aku perasan aku terlupa nak post ni xD.. so here it is.. 

Alhamdulillah, semester ni aku berjaya mengalahkan diri aku pada sem lepas.. semua kerana bantuan Allah SWT terhadap hambanya yg lemah mcm aku ni..
Mcm biasalah, bila kluar result, yg berjaya gembira, yg kurang berjaya berduka.. tu smua tak boleh nak dielakkan kerana kita semua manusia tak?

Bila timbul isu result ni, mcm2 le drama yg berlaku.. Tanpa melengahkan masa, ayuh kita lihat drama2 yg berlaku..

Ilmu vs Pointer Semasa,

Kadang2 kita lupa apa tujuan kita menuntut ilmu itu sendiri.. cuba kita fikirkan balik, kita kejar ilmu atau kita kejar pointer? sbgai student sendiri, aku faham.. pointer ni penting,. sbb ia akan tertera pada sijil diploma kita nanti.. tapi, mana datang kerberkatan dalam menimba ilmu jika kita hanya mengejar pointer semata-mata?

Definisi Ilmu/Pointer dari pemahaman aku sendiri,

Ilmu-Segala apa yg dipelajari sepanjang semester, sama ada secara langsung atau tidak langsung. Datangnya dari pelbagai sumber, sama ada pensyarah, buku, rakan-rakan,dan ahli keluarga sendiri. Melibatkan kefahaman dan rasa ingin tahu pelajar itu sendiri.

Pointer Semasa-Apa yg dijawab dlm helaian kertas, dlm tempoh 2-3jam menggunakan pngetahuan ttg apa yg dipelajari dlm tempoh 1 semester.

Jadi, wajar ke kalau segala apa yg dipelajari dalam satu semester hanya diukur dlm masa hanya 2-3 jam? Bukan tu je, ada pula insan yg tak sihat time exam, atau menghadapi stress, kemurungan akibat kematian ahli keluarga, dan beraneka lagi faktor yg mengakibatkan seseorang tu hilang tumpuan.

Tak munasabah kalau kita jadikan pointer itu semata-mata sebagai kayu ukuran. Segala ilmu yg diperolehi dan difahami sepanjang pembelajaran dlm semester itu jauh lebih bermakna dan tidak perlu diukur-ukur dan dibanding-banding dgn kawan-kawan lain.

Result tu rezeki dari Allah,.. ada yg dpt lebih, ada yg kurang,. ada yg Allah jadikan sbgai ujian kepada kita..
Sebaliknya, Ilmu itu anugerah iaitu rezeki mutlak dari Allah,. bersyukurlah sbb kita masih diberi peluang utk menimba ilmu.. Ingat, ada bnyak insan diluar sana yg inginkan tempat anda sekarang..

Usaha dan Tawakkal,

Kalau nk berjaya tu, sure2 la perlukan usaha.. tipu la klau nk kata seseorang tu berjaya tanpa sebarang usaha.. Tetapi, antara perkara yg aku perasan la, masyarakat kita ni selalu sgt mempertikaikan usaha seseorang.. antara ayat2 yg femes dikatakan mcm ni-

 ''minah ni study sikit2 je tapi score gak time exam, aku study penat2 xscore pun''.. 

Satu la bnda yg aku nk tanya kpd insan2 yg mempertikaikan usaha org lain.. 
Korang pasang CCTV ke kat sekitar dorang sampai korang boleh sure usaha dorang ni sikit je? 
Bnyk bnda yg perlu korang ambil kira dlm bab belajar ni,..tak perlu la nk mempertikaikan usaha seseorang itu, sebaliknya muhasabah diri tu sendiri.. seperkara lagi yg sering org lupa, ialah tawakkal individu lain itu sendiri.. mungkin Allah menerima doa dia.. mungkin usaha dia dlm berdoa kepada Allah lebih dari kita sendiri..who knows? 

Bila menghadapi kegagalan,

"Failure in life is not the main problem.. the main problem is when you give up and don't want to stand up after the failure.."

Don't give up ! selagi ada peluang, teruskan dgn jalan yg telah dipilih, sehinggalah Allah menutup jalan itu sendiri, supaya kita memilih jalan yg lebih baik In sya Allah.. Jalan bukan penentu, tetapi destinasi itu sendiri.. ada jalan yg jauh, jalan yg berliku, jalan shortcut, ada yg jalan kaki, yg naik kereta, naik kuda, naik harimau.. tp matlamatnya masih destinasi.. kita ni masih muda, comei2 lagi.. perjalanan kita masih jauh,. so jgn putus asa, teruskan perjalanan menuju destinasi masing2..

Sebagai kawan pula, tak perlulah nk cari salah mereka yg menghadapi kegagalan.. sbb mereka lebih kenal diri mereka sendiri.. biar mereka muhasabah diri mereka sendiri,. nk nasihat pun, tunggu dia dah cooldown dulu,. bukan time2 tu direct nk point itu-ini.. 

Nak tgk korang jenis kawan yg mana, tgk kartun begip aku kat bawah ni,

click image to enlarge

So, which type are you? Nasihat awal2, or bila member tu dah kena baru nak bising, baru nk nasihat? Ukur baju di badan sendiri.

That's all folks.Lets us pray for a better future for all of us. Amin. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thomas J. Bergersen

If you just put music as something to be heard when you're bored, then don't read this. Sit back and "enjoy" your favorite-one and only page,Facebook. These words by a professional musician,. a composer.. that had create phenomena..

If you really love music, then read this with an open mind.

"I just wanted to say a few things on dubstep, as some people seem to focus on it, not as the musical device that it is, but rather its status in our culture and society. People identify themselves through music, and express themselves through their taste in music. Sometimes people get so caught up in the attributions of genres that they forget what music is about in the first place. They limit themselves to certain styles because their mind is not free. Music can and should be enjoyed across all genres, regardless of social value, political statement, mainstream success, stigma and so on, because great talent is to be found in every aspect of art, from the popular to the most obscure and unknown. Dubstep has a perceived low social value because of widespread misconceptions, ignorance and bitterness. Bitterness from the UK and surrounding cultures because the US dubstep variant, Brostep, by proxy of the masterful producer Skrillex became an overnight phenomenon that completely overshadowed a decade or so of dubstep history from the country and followers of origin. Ignorance, because people do not understand the considerable talent and work that goes into high quality music of any genre, and finally misconceptions because people think dubstep is written exclusively by teenagers with laptops, no musical education or comprehension of simple musical concepts and theory. Classical music, contemporary and
traditional is considered "sophisticated", "academic", "intelligent" and so on, because the ignorant consensus is that it "obviously requires a much greater mind and skillset to write music for something as complex as an orchestra". Thus, so-called "elitist" and "purist" followers of classical/orchestral music are born, and they, like every other culturally selective group in society stick together to spread the message that the music and art that they identify themselves by is vastly superior to that which the unwashed masses enjoy, such as Justin Bieber and Skrillex.

As someone who has written music for orchestras, choirs, metal bands, trance, country, bubblegum pop, hollywood movies and tv jingles I can assure you that neither musical genre is more sophisticated, intelligent or difficult to do than another. I feel compelled to address the gross ignorance that is displayed increasingly frequent when people trash great pop acts of our time such as Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and so on. The collective talent, musicianship, intelligence and hard work behind these acts is unparalleled. There is a reason why these people are popular, and it's not the image or look that they carry. The music may not be to your taste, but be honest with yourself and man enough to admit that the reason you don't listen to Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga is because of its perceived social stigma, your own ego and/or your views on manufactured talent packages. I myself choose to keep an open mind and never ever mix music and art with politics or as a social affiliation and identification factor. Wherever great men pave new road, greater minds will follow, and the collective great minds will eventually reach the limits of what we are intellectually capable of, only to carry this knowledge forth into new fields of discovery. 

The principle of evolution is as sound in the context of music as in the context of nature. Do you follow the herd or is your mind free? Think about it. Do you identify yourself through music? Do you hide behind it or do you actually choose to be free and embrace everything without prejudice? Life is so rich and full of beauty, and art is truly limitless, so why limit ourselves to the sheep mentality in our appreciation of it? Embrace without prejudice and cultivate that which resonates within you, not what resonates with others."- Thomas J. Bergersen

Monday, November 5, 2012


It's not cruelty. It's human nature.
People cried on your shoulder. Now tell me, do you really feel sad and sympathize? Or you just pretending to be sad, and thinking the exact words to say. 

You care for other people around you. Then tell me, how much that you had done for them? How far that you willing to go just for your so-called ''care'' for them?

You can act, like an actor. A veteran actor. But there's no way that you can hide the huge gap between acting and action. 

It's such a sad thing, when ''cheer up !'' is just an empty words. Is it really the only words that you can say? Is it really the only thing that you can do? Or you didn't even bother trying. 

You're also a liar. "I know how you feel'' is such a lie. You don't even know how they feel !

It doesn't take long. Doesn't need a PhD in Psychology studies to observe your action,your behavior.

Be honest with yourself, and you will find out that, you're just a pretender.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Hey you, I know that you know it. You know what happen at this moment,and what probably would happen in the future. But you just like to observe things from far. You didn't let yourself into this, and you don't want to.. but I know that you really did understand the situation that occur,right? Cos you had asked me that question a long time before. And it's really the truth. You're really a good observer.

But the truth is, there's nothing that can be done to change it.

Hey observer, sometimes I wish that you're in it. To make things more... interesting.. and complicated.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Okaerinasai tomodachi

lol,the flying hat !

McD breakfast today with the 'Besties Circle' 
Long time no see them both, especially Nur
Thanks for the gifts and really sorry for coming empty handed T_T
Next time we will bring something ! xD

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Producing Nobuta

The truth lies in what you believe.
As long as you believe in it, it is true.

This is a pure story of friendship, between a girl and 2 boys. The girl (Nobuta) is someone that always being bullied throughout her life,until she meets with Akira and Shuji, that had promised to change her fate and make her the most famous girl in school.

So much things that can be seen in this drama. How they appreciate, care, and put their friends as someone that really important. It's really touching. The true meaning of friendship, they really does share their laugh and tears together.. 

The best part is that the ending is so unexpected (watch it yourself). Something that really rare to happen in drama. Such a nice story indeed :D

Well here's the link for you to watch it, Nobuta Wo Produce

Saturday, October 20, 2012

For You in Full Blossom

If you don't do stupid things while you're young, you'll have nothing to laugh about when you're old.

True friends will not let you do stupid things alone.

If you had ever watch Hanakimi, why not watch it again now.. What Cikgu Naziha had said years back then is really true.. high school is the best time of your life.. full of spirit, love, friendship.. it's when you started to learn the cruel reality in life.. yet, immaturity letting you to do all those stupid,funny things..It's sad that high-school in Malaysia is focusing too much on academic.. yeah I know, academic is important to our future.. but still, I would be more fun if there's more fun activity, involving all students,from all classes.. 

I didn't regret in what I had done during my years in high school.. there's plenty of things that I had done.. with friends of course.. Ahh how I wish I can return to those time.. If I know that I would miss high school this much, I would create much more memories there.. 

ps- Sulli definitely can't beat Horikita Maki..she's so cute, no wonder Zaim fall for her :3

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Glow of a firefly

"There's no exact answer for love.What you had decide is the answer"-Yamada-neesan

I'd learn something, from Hotaru No Hikari..

Sometimes, even if we get the person that we like, it may not work out, even that both of you love each other. There are boundaries that even a strong love cannot break.

When we're with the person that we like most, we will try our best to hide our bad side, naturally-bad side, or bad habit.. and it will make both of you feel will end up dull.. you can't be your own self, with your own true nature in front of that person. Keep trying your best to be the best in front of him/her..

Sometimes, the one you love is not the one you like the most, but it's the one that you feel comfortable most..the one that you can easily show your bad side, and doesn't need to hide a single thing.. that person can except you no matter who you are..

ps-Haruka Ayase hontouni kawaii in this drama >_< ahh the ending can be expected, but still I love the ending ^^ here's the link for the drama Hotaru no Hikari..
and btw there's also season 2 !

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


journey to casa from uitm

Too much tragedies. At least, 5th semester ended already.Here in Perak, I can feel the warmth of being together with atuk, opah and Iqa. Study life is tiring, and making me numb.
And the circle of life in Penang. It's not that I don't want to involve in something, and it's not that I prefer sit in front of laptop for hours (or maybe it is).. it's just that, I want to repeat the empty day, until it finally ends. Lame it is. But that's the way I'm comfortable with.

One thing that I really hate this semester is too much of bad mouthing. I'm not excluding my own self, sometimes,I do the same too. It is really shameful for us muslim to bad mouthing others, bad mouthing our own friends. Everything happen for a reason, you can't judge a person just by one mistake that he/she make. Even he/she is what you said, even that what you had told is true story about that person behavior, you can't bad mouthing him/her. Look at yourself first, are you really that perfect to condemn others? Once you told about the bad side of a person, the stories will chain continuously. That is why in Islam, mengumpat is one of a big sins.It's like you're eating your own relatives corpse.

You got problem with that person, then tell him directly. Whats the point of bad mouthing? It won't solve any problem. Remember, a true friend is someone who can correct his friends,can advice them, not by watching until the end.

I'm not excluding my own self. But once I realize I'm in the middle of bad mouthing session, I will stop. Not to brag, but at least I got some effort to control myself.

Secondly, my love life is completely ZERO this semester..haha adoii ottoke.. Don't know la when I'm gonna get a girl friend. It's not that there's no girl that catches my attention, but it's hard. Think about this, think about that, think about how we are, think about logic.. and in the end I was like " AHHH MALAS !!" ahaha >_<

Right now I just want to enjoy my holiday~ wohooo~ Hope you guys enjoy your holidays too ! Assalamualaikum

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Killing Loneliness

Ahh suddenly listen back to this song after a long while..kekeke

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cep-cep-ception !

Weird dream, can't conclude what actually happening. But that person there.. looks down and lonely.. although I'm accompanying.. what the heck... -.-

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Punching bag

How I wish that at this exact moment,I'm at the Kota Keriangan bus stop.. Alone,eating chocolate waffle with Coke.. watching cars passing by the road.. doing just that...
Or in the Pondok.. just me and the black kapok guitar.. breaking the silence with Spanish Romance song.. doing just that...

Ima taimu mashin ni norikonde
anatani ai ni iku,Koto ga dekita nara
nou nanimo negawanai

Hakakute tooi kioku ni naru mae ni
I need a time machine

Monday, September 17, 2012

Snow Flower

If two people meet and they both fall in love, that's destiny for sure. If neither loves the other, even if they meet millions of times,
it's still not destiny! If one's in love and the other isn't, and the one who's in love grabs on and won't let go while the other just wants to run away, not only is it not's pain.

*I do believe that I can learn to love someone,and who knows? maybe it is a destiny...but yeah, the last one is true, it's painful.

You say you love that person, but you keep asking for a return. Truthfully, you are not sincere at the first place.

*What if I tell you, asking for a return just showing that he is serious? well think about it.. asking for a return and forcing you to accept is two different thing.. if he ask for a return,the choice is still yours.. if it's NO, then it's done.. no more quarrel..

When your love is unrequited, it doesn't mean you are a loser. Actually, Allah has reserved the best one for you.

*Thanks for this.Good luck on finding your soulmate too. Goodbye :D

The wind rattled the window 
The night shakes you awake 
I will change any sorrow 
Into a smile 

Thus the snow flowers fell 
Outside the window 
And colored our town 
I realized that love means 
Wanting to do something 
For someone else...

The snow flower, doesn't feel any cold
because it's already accepting reality
to put a smile on faces
and it's left forgotten..

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Go away

Alhamdulillah, my athma is getting cured.. yeah, maybe people would say "ahh small matter,asma sikit je pun,ngada2 gila ko".. but you never know,cos u didn't feel it.. yesterday I spew a lot before I went to KFK class.. I don't want to inhale the 'drug' cos it would make me sleepy and shaking..still got posters to finish and helping Nurakmal on it.. it's better to endure each breath than being ''weird''...

Well,breathing heavily and deeply is so tiring.. do u know that?

Yeah, maybe I look fine, laughing here and there.. but u didn't even know the truth.

Monday, September 10, 2012


Oh this medicine.. coded GO/DRUGS536B.. inhale it 4 times will cause your hand to shaking, heart beating fast and suddenly laloq-ness.. well I'd better get off to sleep. =.=

Thursday, September 6, 2012


내가 원하는 나의 모습과 
니가 필요로 하는 나의 모습이 같지가 않다는 것
잘못된 건 아니지 않나요 미안할 일 아니지 않나요
그런데 왜 또 그렇게 자꾸 날 몰아세우는 건데
도대체 뭐를 더 어떻게 해

난 몇 마디의 말과 몇 번의 손짓에
또 몇 개의 표정과 흐르는 마음에
울고 웃는 그런 나약한 인간일 뿐인데 
대체 내게서 뭐를 더 바라나요
내가 줄 수 있는 것 그 이상을 
줄 수 없음에 미안해해야 하는 건 이제 그만 둘래요

달라졌구나 참 많이도 변했구나 
난 여전히 그대론데 넌 달라져버렸어
근데 혹시 한번 쯤 반대로 생각해 본 적은 없었나요

난 몇 마디의 말과 몇 번의 손짓에
또 몇 개의 표정과 흐르는 마음에
울고 웃는 그런 나약한 인간일 뿐인데 
대체 내게서 뭐를 더 바라나요
내가 줄 수 있는 것 그 이상을 
줄 수 없음에 미안해해야 하는 건 이제 그만 둘래요

빼곡히 들어선 의미라 했지만 나에겐 공허하기만 한
일방성의 무의미함 방랑과 방황의 차이

난 몇 마디의 말과 몇 번의 손짓에
또 몇 개의 표정과 흐르는 마음에
울고 웃는 그런 나약한 인간일 뿐인데 
대체 내게서 뭐를 더 바라나요
내가 줄 수 있는 것 그 이상을 
줄 수 없음에 미안해해야 하는 건 이제 그만 둘래요

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Kahwin & Jodoh (part 2)

Oleh kerana permintaan dari cik Syafiqah Nabilah utk continue ttg ni, I terpaksa ikut.. kekee.. so kita sambung number 5 *Part 1 smpai number 4*

5.Apa kata "survey"?
Apa kata ''survey''? Apa pulak survey2 ni, pop quiz ke? Haha no.. actually, its surrounding. Yeap, apa yg nk diulas disini ialah situasi persekitaran. Tentang bagaimana sebuah rumah tangga terbentuk. Okay mari kita lihat. Paling simple, tanyalah ibu dah ayah kita sendiri. Siapa mereka sblm mereka bergelar suami dan isteri? Bila mereka berkenalan? Berapa lama tempoh yg diambil dari tempoh mereka berkenalan hinggalah masing2 mengikat janji membina istana kasih sayang abadi sbgai suami dan isteri?

Apa pula kata survey? well MOSTLY mereka berkenalan semasa di alam universiti. Yeap, tak percaya? Tanyalah ibu-bapa,lecturer,ustaz,cikgu,.. dimanakah mereka berkenalan dgn pasangan hidup mereka? KEBANYAKAN dari mereka berkenalan di alam universiti. Korang pasti ingat, semasa di sekolah menengah dulu, cikgu2 slalu pesan mcm ni

"Kamu semua tak perlu lah bercinta di zaman sekolah ni. Semuanya cinta monyet je,takkan kemana"

Apa yg tersurat, tak perlu nk diulas. Apa pula yg tersirat? Bercinta di zaman sekolah ialah cinta monyet, TETAPI bercinta di zaman universiti bukan, ia bukanlah sesuatu yg "takkan kemana" tetapi bermatlamat. Matlamat supaya mereka menjalin hubungan yg sah. Get the point? Sebab itulah mereka selalu tekankan tentang cinta monyet zaman sekolah. Pernah ke dgr cinta monyet zaman universiti? >_<

Usia kita semasa zaman universiti sudah cukup matang utk tahu baik buruk sesuatu, dah boleh fikir batas2 pergaulan. Bukan mcm waktu sekolah dulu.Well still, we got our own perspective.

6.Future planning dan usaha
Point yg ni lebih kepada ulasan ttg apa yg diperkatakan oleh Dato Dr Fadzilah Kamsah dlm part 1. Mcm apa yg Dato ckp, jodoh takkan datang bergolek. Ia perlukan usaha. Usaha dari segi apa? Bnyk bentuk usaha dlm mencari jodoh. Merisik, mencuri hati si dia, berdoa kpd Allah, or even melamar secara directly.Seperti apa yg sahabatku,Aman katakan.. we need future planning.. plan betul2 timing, kewangan, strategy.Ini juga suatu bentuk usaha dlm mendapatkan jodoh.

Okay,sekarang cuba bayangkan, tanpa perkara2 diatas, manakan dtgnya jodoh itu? Cuba fikir sejenak.....
Ingat, jodoh mmg ketentuan Allah, jodoh Allah sememangnya yg terbaik utk kita, TETAPI kita yg bertanggungjawab untuk mencari, berusaha utk mendapatkan jodoh itu sendiri. Senang cerita, tanyalah ayah anda sendiri. Betapa bnyk usaha yg telah beliau lakukan?

Biar aku kongsi satu cerita. Kisah benar yg berlaku, diceritakan oleh nenekku sendiri.Kita jadikan sebagai iktibar.

Alkisah seorang kenalan opah semasa opah belasan tahun. Dia ni cantik,hingga ramai lelaki yg tertawan. Sudah tentu ramai lelaki ingin mengorat, dan ada juga yg dtg kerumah ingin melamar. So,dijadikan cerita, semua lelaki ditolak mentah2.. hinggalah opah berkahwin dgn atuk pada usia 18 tahun. Masa demi masa, masih ada lelaki yg dtg ingin melamar si jelita ini. In the end, hingga ke masa ini, dia tidak mempunyai pasangan hidup. Yeap, dia solo sampai sekarang, lebih tua dari opah.

Disini kita lihat, Allah meletak pilihan di tangan kita. Kita berhak utk menolak atau menerima. Tetapi bagaimana kalau mmg sbnrnya dialah jodoh yg Allah tentukan itu? Mcm mana pula nak tahu dia adalah jodoh kita? Cara terbaik, solat istiqarah.  Ia adalah cara yg paling mudah Allah berikan kpd kita utk menunjukkan si dia sememangnya jodoh kita. Banyak lagi cara utk mengetahui si dia adalah jodoh kita, baca lebih lanjut di sini.

     Sampai sini sajalah ulasan dari aku. Mcm biasa, kita pnyai pandangan masing2.. ini hanyalah sekadar perkongsian pandangan dari aku.. mana yg rasa tak btul tu xperlu terima.. assalamulaikum :D

Monday, August 27, 2012

Kahwin & Jodoh

Entah knapa hati aku tergerak nak menaip tentang bnda ni.. Yeah, setelah berbicara ttg teman hidup bersama2 geng FORA (Haidhar,Nizar and Akmal)..dan topik ini hangat dipersembangkan masa konvoi raya hari tu..

SO, kahwin. Adakah kita terlalu muda utk berbicara tentang bnda ini? Well, mungkin belum tiba masanya. Tetapi,perkara ini perlu difikir sejak umur kita sekarang ni..sbb bagi aku, umur 20-an ni dah cukup matang utk merenung masa depan.. mcm mana pula dgn jodoh? Well, lets get through this post...

1.Jodoh tak akan dtg tanpa usaha diri sendiri
Jodoh adalah salah satu perkara yg  selalu org salah tafsirkan. Aku teringat lagi ayat Dato Dr Fadzilah Kamsah tentang jodoh. Ayatnya lebih kurang mcm ni

"Abang jgn ingat abang minat seorang awek ni , abang goyang kaki kat rumah ,abang akan dapat dia.Pastu bila tak dapat, abang salahkan jodoh..Usaha dulu abang,berdoa pada Allah dulu, kalau tak dapat baru tak ada jodoh namanya.."

Mmg betul, jodoh di tangan tuhan. Dan kita tidak perlu TERLALU mencari, sebaliknya persiapkan diri..
Tetapi kita bertanggungjawab utk mengusahakannya..
Get that fact straight ! Tak kan la duk goyang kaki kat rumah, ttba jodoh dtg? Melainkan, ibu bapa punyai pilihan sendiri utk anak mereka. Itu terletak pada ibu bapa sendiri.
Tapi kan, zaman sekarang ni bkn mcm zaman dulu. Susah ibu bapa nak carikan suami/isteri utk anak sendiri, tak gitu? Norma zaman sekarang, anak-anak yg akan mmbuat pilihan sendiri. And once again, ianya tak kan datang tanpa sebarang usaha dari kita sendiri.

2.Couple atau Teman Hidup?
Bagi aku, couple ni satu term dimana sepasangan lelaki dan perempuan, bercinta, seronok2, tidak begitu serius, hanya utk suka2... date sana, date sini...breakup...the end.. meanwhile Teman Hidup pula bercinta dgn tujuan yg lebih serius, kerana tujuan utama mereka ialah supaya mereka menjadi kekasih yg halal suatu hari nanti. Mungkin belum tiba waktu utk mereka berkahwin, kerana sedang belajar,atau tidak berkemampuan.

Okay,kenapa pula Teman Hidup ni penting? Kerana ianya salah satu perancangn utk masa hadapan. Cuba kita lihat, situasi di sekeliling kita,. dlm ramai2 rakan kita, berapa ramai yg sudah berpunya? mungkin sudah bertunang, dan ada juga yg sudah berkahwin. So persoalannya di sini, bila tiba masanya utk kita ingin mendirikan rumah tangga, mungkin 4-5 tahun akan datang, sebesar mana peluang kita utk mencari bakal suami/isteri pada masa itu? Berapa ramai yg masih 'solo' dlm masa 4-5 tahun akan dtg? Di sinilah peranan Teman Hidup,di mana mereka sejak awal lagi telah bersedia utk ke jinjang pelamin, memandang jauh kehadapan, bukan setakat bercinta utk suka-suka sahaja. Teman Hidup yg membimbing antara satu sama lain.. Sebagai keperluan fitrah, bukanlah kerana hawa nafsu semata-mata. Bagi aku, Teman Hidup pada usia 20an ni, bukan utk suka2 lagi dah, mmg dgn harapan utk dijadikan isteri,..... andai dijodohkan Allah.

3.Perigi dan Timba
Satu lagi perkara perlu di perbetulkan. Dlm masyarakat kita, wujud bidalan "bagai perigi mencari timba".. Ianya seperti ingin menunjukkan bahawa tidak elok kalau perempuan melamar/mengorat lelaki.. LOL,Get the fact straight ! Dalam Islam, ianya adalah amalan terpuji.. yeap.. so there's no need to be segan.. if u feel that the guy is good enough for you, catch it before its too late..

4.Bila tiba masanya.....
Aku tertarik dgn ayat ustaz Azhar Idrus,. ayatnya lebih kurang mcm ni

"Bila dtg seorang lelaki yg cukup solatnya,cukup ibadahnya, baik akhlaknya ingin melamar kamu, terimalah dia walaupun pada waktu itu dia tidak kaya....."

well para puam2, akak2 yg sedang membaca tu, keputusan terletak di tangan anda.Bila tiba masanya, adakah jawapannya "YA" atau "TIDAK"..

Sampai sini sahajalah perkongsian yg ingin ku tulis. Harap serba sedikit dpt mmbantu dan membuat anda2 semua berfikir sejenak.Mungkin ada tak betulnya, tapi terimalah sbg pandangan dari seorang sahabat..yg rasa tak betul tu tak yah ikut..kekeke >_<


Sunday, August 19, 2012


Salam Aidilfitri ! doesn't have enough time to write.. just wish that you guys have fun, and be grateful cos we able to finish ramadhan gloriously ^^

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin *cliche xD*

Saturday, July 21, 2012


~prepare nutella for sahur !~

Today is the first day of Ramadhan,berbuka with family at Taman Maju. Alhamdulillah for the opportunity that Allah gave me. Hope that this Ramadhan will be a "reset" button for me.

To all that reading this, I pray that we can finish this Ramadhan victoriously.InsyaAllah.

*around one and a half hour before athan!*

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

awww,shuuweeettt !

Shoo shuwwweeeetttt xD Can't wait for part 2 !

*Don't know why each time I see the actress, I think of Brilith >_<

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Tired. Till I feel blank. People nowadays didn't even think about bad things that they had done. Okay let it be.Allah maha adil. If you didn't get your "rewards" in this world, you will get it hereafter..

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hey !

She's one of my friends. Feel free to follow her here

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Yeaap, maybe I should rest my mind for a bit.. too much of thinking makes me bingeul bingeul @_@

watching J-dorama really helps a lot.. and the sweet face of Aragaki Yui, ohhhh >_<

Yui-chan ! hontouni daisuki ! sorry Erika xD

Kawaii level over 9000 ! >_<

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

That Type of Girls that I Respect !

Walaooo~ just my point of view ok ! so here come the list !

1.Girls who have good akhlak and akidah.For sure this is number 1 in the list. Doesn't need longer explanation :)

2.Girls who have their own special dream.Bear in mind that this special dream isn't what occupation that they aim for future. Something special. Something that they love to do and makes them one of a kind.  A dream that they hope can be achieved from effort that they make.

3.Girls who change from free-hair to wearing hijab and covering aurat. This one deserve "spring-type" solute !
 Respect ! Atleast from free-hair, to "sometimes wear hijab" also fine, cos maybe one day that "sometimes" become everytime.

4.Girls who can play music instruments. This one also special,cos most girl doesn't have interest to play music instrument. Most of them just say "I wanna learn to play !" but in the end, doesn't give any effort -,- keh3..
I got few of friends who can play guitar. Gimmeehh five ! BUT, I hate girl who play guitar+sing and upload to Youtube.No need to do that, just play for fun is enough.

5.Girls who brave enough to live far away from home. Not all people can endure homesick. You're brave girls, respect ! Until now I can't believe that clumsy Farah Noerhana studying medic at Egypt :P

6.Girls who respect me as a friend. For sure I will respect you back :D

PS-maybe I will edit this post a lil :P

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Don't worry,even if you fall over ! It's all right.
You can just pick yourself up again !
When you fall over,make the most of the chance
to look up and see the sky.
You will see the blue sky spreading endlessly above you
and smiling down.
You are alive !

-Ikeuchi Aya, 1 litre of tears.

ps:It's my 100th entry :)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Before and After (part 1)

For me,editing pic is more fun and challenging than taking a pic.
But still I love both (although I'm not that good).
Just wanna show you some before and after edited pics.

1st, this one ! (I don't know who's that person behind >_<)

2nd pic, the one I use on top of this blog layout

3rd pic,this one.Not much of difference,just adding more feel to the pic ^^

Maybe I'll continue to post some more pics in part 2.Stay tuned !
xoxo >_<

Sunday, May 27, 2012


I don't know what kind of weird fate I'm facing currently,since the 1st day of semester break till now. It's like I'm being bind,and stacked with sort of things that out of my thinking capacity and capability. Today, in the Majlis Alumni SMK Seri Iskandar, among 40 to 50 table there, I'm at the same table with Lemon. I don't hold any grudges with her,I don't hate her,..just that it's some kind of weird things to happen.Coincidence, or maybe fate.Thanks god Hyda and Copie also in the same table to accompany me. To Lemon, I'm sorry to be there and ruin your mood. Hontouni gomenasaii.

In the end, Hinata didn't come. I feel grateful, maybe. It's a good think that she didn't come, maybe I can erase her easily. I really afraid to see her.Now I understand what one of my friends said on how he so afraid to see a girl.

Still,it's still fun to be there with friends, teachers. And we, the ZERO RANGE also performed 2 songs there,Bintang Jingga (which had been changed to Bintang Kehidupan) and The 4 Seasons.Friends, they really helps me to escape from my serabut thinking I'm having now. Thanks guys.

Now I'm in the state of "don't want to think of anything". Too much things that makes me tired mentally. Even makes me feels like I'm leaving....AstaghfirullahAlazim..

Saturday, May 26, 2012

owhh ok

Just "owhh ok".. that's really's better if u just ignored and didn't reply at all. sorry that I put this here..Sorry to be someone that so stubborn..I don't think that you'll read this,but okay I get it, I'll give up.. thanks for everything,anything..wish you the best.. 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

What kind of sorcery is this?

Each time think I about Hinata before I sleep, I end up dreaming about Lemon. Whatefffish....
History is history. Both of them isn't in my life anymore.

Kyahhh, mustn't think about anyone before sleep, or it will turn up like this.. grr -,-

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sugar & Spice:Woman is so complicated !

Finish watching Sugar and Spice (Fumi Zekka). Ohhh what a lovey dovey story. About a boy named Shiro, who fell in love for the first time, but sadly in the end his girlfriend leave him and go back to her ex-boyfriend.. whattaa.. how could she do that? he really take care of her..
and BBOOOMM strike to my heart,the painful feeling of breakup came back..more hurt than Electric smite.. ERHHH.. that last scene when he ride his bicycle to chase the girl, that leaving with his former ex-boyfriend,with car.. Yeah reality, rich people always win.. then he crashed to the roadside, uwaaaa TT_____TT

Woman is so complicated for man to understand. To that special someone, their NO means YES. And unlike man,they love to tell each other about their love progress.Girls Talk.

His grandma said,

"If you sample food and it doesn't taste right,you put it back. If you try on clothes and they don't fit right,you put it back"

That's the situation that man always been through.Usually,girls love-thinking is like that.Like the phrase.If she feels that the man not suit for her, then its the end. Breakup. I'm not saying that all girls are the same,but logically woman need a man more than man need a woman in life. So the experiment begin... *sfx Zero Range-Love Experiment*
And for the man,nothing you can do.But still,it's not your fault. You had done your best.

Sugar and spice,that's what a girl are made of. Honestly,I really don't get it.Pfftt.. I'm a man after all.

I hope I can sing this song to my girlfriend.Future girlfriend.Or maybe she already be my wife.Who knows..

Thursday, May 3, 2012

"Mom,I can't walk anymore."

 Is it only matter of me being patient? One year ago, I could stand, I could talk and I could laugh. Now, I can't walk, however much I try, however much I grit my teeth and try to hold on with a frown.
   "Mom,I can't walk anymore,"I write on a piece of paper, restraining my tears, "I can't stand even if I hold on to something". I open the door slightly and gave it to her.I closed the door again quickly because I didn't want her to see my face, and I knew it would be painful to see Mom's face.
    I crawled three meters to the toilet.The corridor was chilly.The soles of my feet are soft like a normal palm of hand.But my palms and knees are hard like a normal sole of the foot.Crawling's not a nice thing to do,but it can't be helped.It's the only way I can move around...
   I felt somebody behind me.I stopped and looked back...There was Mom crawling behind me,without saying anything...Her tears were falling to the floor..All of my suppressed emotions suddenly burst out and I started crying.
   Mom held me tightly and let me cry as I wished.Her knees were soaking wet with my tears,and her tears wet my hair.
   "Aya,we're sad,but we'll keep going,OK? I am with you. Now,let's go back to your room before your bottom gets cold.I'm strong enough to carry you on my back. Even if we have an earthquake or a fire,I'll help you first.Don't worry and sleep tight.There's no need to think about unnecessary things."
   Then she carried me back to my room in her arms.

I've become a person who can do nothing but weep and whimper.The lump on an inferiority complex is growing inside my brain. I think it's a product of being disabled.But I'm still alive. I'm continuing to breathe in order to live-because I can't die,and nothing can be done about me.That's a dreadful way to say it.When I cry, I get wrinkles on my eyebrows and my face becomes ugly.To improve my face when I look at the mirror, I try to grin, even though there's nothing funny.

written by Aya Kito:Diary of Tears (1 Litre of Tears)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

BERSIH,Government and the Avengers

I don't quite know about the war between BERSIH and the Malaysian government. But I do believe...

*open link in new tab to read*

*btw,the movie is great..keke ^^

Friday, April 27, 2012

Couple of words before I go to sleep

A little less conversation with Noa. He is indeed,quite alert. The fact that he manage to pointed that out makes me hurt more.But I'm cool with that,hehehh..thanks..

Well what to do Noa,the main problem of people is they will never know where and when they hurt others.Where and when they make mistakes.And they also doesn't realize what their mistakes are.Ego will set their mind with "I didn't do anything wrong". I'm not excluding myself with that type of people because sometimes,I also do the same.No difference at all.

2:47am,Fakhi send me a message,
"ko ok x?"  (are you okay?)

Well this type of friend,is really the best a man can get. He worried about me,and text me before he sleep.Care about other's feelings.Miss V if you read this, you must realize that breakup with him really isn't a great idea,although I don't really know what happen between both of you.

He act like a true friend.I also got few others that act like a true friend,which I'm glad to have them by my sides. 
Meanwhile,"acting" like a friend is the other sides of story.

What's done is done. And I'm cool with it. I'm not god to judge someone,so better let it be.

Well atleast !

I'd get my result. Thanks to Allah, I pass all the subjects. Alhamdulillah. I'm not a good person,I know. Full of sins. Well atleast, Allah fulfill one of my prayer,which is to pass all the subjects. The 2nd one is getting 3 pointer,I lack 0.02.Daijobu !

New resolutions for next sem:
1.Lessen gaming time and study every night ! I play too much this sem,I realize it.My friends also can point it out.Cos they care for me,that's why.I'm so glad.Thanks guys.So,I already allow Mazu and East to slap me if I play Dragon Nest too much for the next two semesters.Mark my words guys.I'm serious.Hontounii.

2.Get near to Allah.Start reading the holy Quran atleast a page every week with its translations.

3.Spend money wisely ^^

The result for this semester really burn my spirit back to study.Ganbatte ! Gonna strive hard to grad with CGPA 3.5, InsyaAllah ! I don't need you to wish me luck,but do pray for me.Pray that I manage to keep my own promises to myself,and manage to grad with flying colour, like Nyan-cat.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Brace yourself,results is coming

27th April 2012,somethings bigger than Avenger movie is coming out.Aigoo... got a bad feeling about this.I don't expect much. Just passed all subjects and maintain 3 pointer is enough. Thermo,Ele,Fluid,CSC,Math...please be good to me.

Last resort ,tawakkal to Allah.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Merantau Warriors 2:The Search of 3 Legendary Item !

It's a peaceful morning in a village called Pandan Indah.The peasants do their work in farm.Birds singing like a choir group,welcoming the morning.Ray of sun piercing my window,makes me wake up from slumber.The time is 10.30am when Lvl 20 Warrior:Hyu Gin sending blue bird mail to me,Lvl 20 Paladin:AwieAGC to ask for party request.A few minutes later,he arrived at the village.He looks like a skillful warrior.Fullset,black and white rare armor equipped. The shine of his weapon,the +15 Blackberry leave me in awe.

I set up my gear for the adventure.+8 Snowcap, +8 ZR T-shirt, +6 Black Jeans,+2 Selipar Jepun,and +12 Nokia Express Music as my main weapon. We start our journey with hope as high as the KLCC Tower,the dungeon that we addressed to go for a quest:To find the "3 Legendary Item".

By feeding a few amount of berries,a giant worm monster called LRT,agree to send us to the dungeon.Although he look hideous,he actually very friendly.By his help,we arrive at the dungeon after 1 hour.

The Towers of KLCC.It's really high.Rumors said that at the top of the two tower,lived two dragons from two different world,Dragonica and Dragon Nest. Fighters from each village gather here to buy items and armors.We just step into the dungeon when suddenly, a small blue bird flew directly to me.

"Party request by: Airayaya"

Airayaya,she's a friend of mine since we're still in low level class.We practice the art of fighting together.Later, she decides to further as Paladin in Klang City,far from Pandan Indah Village.It has been a long time since the last time I saw her.We meet in front of Mage Spellbook Shop:Kinokuniya. She didn't change a lot. Maybe taller then before.Same exact smile that she threw me few years before.

In-game screenshot 

Moving as a party of three, we stroll around the dungeon. There are many shops there and we can clearly see the merchants there trying hard to sell their items as well as fighters try to negotiate. Airayaya send me trade request and gave me "Bracelet Of Airayaya".In return,I also gave her some health and mana potions.

Sadly,after floor by floor, we didn't manage to find our quest items there. After a while,Airayaya decided to left the party as our quest is different from another.We wave her goodbye and continue our adventure.The journey must go on !

"The 3 legendary items,where are they? where are we suppose to find them?" I ask Hyu Gin.
" is quite dangerous.But how about we try to search it in the Maze of Sg Wang Plaza?" He replied with serious tone.

Maze of Sg Wang Plaza. It's a scary place,full of mobs,monsters and myth creatures.But what fighters really afraid of is the road inside. Many fighters didn't even manage to get out from that place. The road inside move by its own,and really confusing. We set our heart strong and step into the maze. It takes just a few minutes walk to make us lost. Sweat started to flow from our forehead.

"Err,this is the 3rd time we walk across here.." said Hyu Gin.
"hmm yea definitely..haihh " sigh myself.

We walk hopelessly for hours when suddenly the bracelet that Airayaya gave me glowing.Hyu Gin makes weird expression.So do I. As we walk, the glow keep brighter and brighter. The bracelet, it navigates us the correct path ! We were guided by the glow and keep moving.

Out of the blue, a loud and eerie laughing sound can be heard clearly in front of us.It makes me shiver.We take out our weapon and get ready for battle. We carefully move forward...

"Oh god.. is that the monster? she is just too..... " I captivated.
"Awie ! get hold of yourself ! she is not what you think she is !" Hyu Gin shout angrily as he saw me hypnotized.

The monster is Erika Sawajiri. This legendary myth creature is really beautiful,yet really dangerous. Even a woman can be captivated by its beauty.This monster didn't let anyone that had seen her face to live. That is why there's no one that can describe how she look exactly.
I just can stand there,paralyzed. The monster walk toward us with such smile that no man can forget,carrying a giant-rusty scissor.Fresh blood stain can be seen at the edge of the scissor.

the legendary myth monster,Erika Sawajiri.Just look at the scissor on her hand.

"Do not see her face.. do not see her face..must not see her face ! " Hyu Gin said to himself,trembling.
"Hyu Gin, you must fight with her. I'm totally numb right now.You are the only hope"

Hyu Gin run as fast as he could and hide inside bushes,leaving me standing there like a statue. Erika swing her giant scissor to slice me into pieces then suddenly,

"Hey Erika-chan ! why your face so ugly? got a lot of wrinkle here and there.. even my grandma still prettier than you ! such an ugly creature !" Hyu Gin provoked,saves my life right on time.
As expected, a monster that famous because of it's beauty, can't bear to be called ugly.

"KYAHH !! HOW DARE YOU HUMAN !!! IM NOT UGLY !!!" beastly voice came out.
She rushed towards Hyu Gin, with her scissor faced front.

"Take this you filthy creature ! " Shout Hyu Gin while throwing magic powder straight to Erika's face. The powder manage to cover the monster's face ! Now we can kill her !
I take out my main weapon,and cast a magic apps,the UV rays !

"I'm sorry Erika,but I must defeat you !"

Erika also known to have XP syndrome,which means that she can't be exposed to sunlight.The UV rays from my weapon leave her unable to breath. Her skin started to burn.

"Argghhhh !" she screamed just before she vanished into thin air.

"Yeahh we made it !" I yell out happily.
"Hahaa yes ! we really kill the monster !" said Hyu Gin.

"hey..young warrior and young paladin..thank you for releasing me from my curse",an angelic voice came behind us.

Its Erika.She looks more like a normal human this time,but transparent; like ghost.

"I've been cursed by a shaman called Media. He put me in suffering for hundreds of years. But thanks to both of you,I've been purified." Said Erika with gentle smile, leave me speechless.

"As a token of appreciation,take these things with you. I don't need it anymore,because I'm already....dead.."

She gave us The Legendary Items!  All three of them! which means, our quest is complete !

"Arigato Erika-nee.. "said Hyu Gin with a wide smile on his face.

“Compare to what both of you had done to me, these things are nothing” she replied.

"Err..err..I.. my name” My tongue locked, as my heart beating really fast.

“Hehe this paladin really funny” said Erika before she gave me the greatest present ever, a kiss to my cheek. That’s the last thing that I remember, before I fainted.

I woke up the next morning, in my own room. Hyu Gin already left the village, with a piece of note left to me.

“Thanks for the adventure,Paladin of Pandan Indah.We shall meet again soon. Join my adventure in Melaka City if you have free time. Farewell ! “

Someday, I will go there ! 

New place to discover ! 

New adventure awaits !