Friday, May 24, 2013

A Diploma Story, Episode 0: Time Spent Walking Through Memories

I am afraid. Each time I click on this orange-B sign, I feel really afraid, and sad.

Because the only thing that will cross my mind, is about past memories. And as my finger dancing on this keyboard, I feel that my mind becoming numb and dull. Feels like I'm forcing my fingers to move, to write here.

This feeling, it is the same as when I'm leaving my beloved high school.

It feels like, watching the last episode of a very good drama series. You know it's the last episode, and you just hope that time would move slower, so that you can enjoy the very last moment of it. 

And when it's over, you will be asking ''Is that it? I need more.''  

3 years had passed and I'd already finish my diploma in Mechanical Engineering at UiTM Pulau Pinang. Too many things happen, too many things that I had learn. And now, It's a bitter time for me to say goodbye to friends, lecturers, Casa Prima, and UiTM Pulau Pinang. Arigatou..Sayonara..

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The 4 Seasons lyric

A day in 2010. I'm in the class, too immerse in finishing The 4 Seasons lyric..........and its done! after a few days, the lyric is finally complete! Right on time,the school bell rings, well its time to go to physic class.

In Physic lab;

''Akmal, see this, our new song the 4season lyric is complete !'' I said to Gin, while showing the lyric to him.

''Woaaahh gimme that wanna read !" Said him.

Without we realise, Cikgu Naziha had started her teaching. Yet, the lyric sheet is pass from one person to another around our table. Zeroes sit in the same table at that time.

"Awie ! what's that? give me" Said Cikgu Naziha.

"Err, lyric cikgu." I replied.

I stand up, and give to Cikgu Naziha. Hoping that she didn't tear it up. For a moment, she read the lyric...

" Ishhh this lyric is so jiwang. Let me hold on to this until this class is finish" Said Cikgu Naziha while smirking at us.

After the class is over;

"Cikgu, this is not a love song. It's about us form 5 students, that will leave this school" I explain it to Cikgu Naziha.

" I see. Well, you guys should let me hear it then." She said.

There are around 10 songs that I had composed so far, and the 4 seasons is my favourite one. I know, im still an amature. I'm not sure what old timer composer would say when they see the 4season music arrangement, vocal notes and stuff.. but hey ! Atleast its something that came out deep from my heart.

Here it is,

Ku, hanya mampu menanti,
Menanti saatku, berlalu pergi,

Ku, rasakan sebak di dada,
Sakitnya menahan titisan air mata

Waktu, remaja hanya sekali,
Ianya datang, dan berlalu pergi

Kini semua hanya tinggal,
Tinggal kenangan

Saat kita bersama,
Tak dilupakan

Tabahkan hati, ini kenyataan,

Kenyataan ini amat, menyakitkan
Kenyataan ini amat, menyedihkan.

Inilah dia, takdir kita.

Dan ku, teruskan hidupku,
Semua ini pengalaman manisku.

Kita, kan berpisah di sini,
Sampai nanti kita bertemu lagi,
Walau ku harap saat terhenti,
Namun kini ingin ku katakan.

Selamat tinggal.

PS: actually I wanna compose 4season part 2. For people in UiTM Penang. I'll do it, maybe :)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Conviction (Something to keep safe)

Too many things happen these past years. Too many things to say.

I dont know from which I should start.

Whether the words later will reach personas.

I'm not sure,

but still, I will gather the strength to keep on writing here.

In the game of cat and mouse, it's really tiring.

Because the fact is, there's too many things that too good to be true.