Sunday, April 29, 2012

BERSIH,Government and the Avengers

I don't quite know about the war between BERSIH and the Malaysian government. But I do believe...

*open link in new tab to read*

*btw,the movie is great..keke ^^

Friday, April 27, 2012

Couple of words before I go to sleep

A little less conversation with Noa. He is indeed,quite alert. The fact that he manage to pointed that out makes me hurt more.But I'm cool with that,hehehh..thanks..

Well what to do Noa,the main problem of people is they will never know where and when they hurt others.Where and when they make mistakes.And they also doesn't realize what their mistakes are.Ego will set their mind with "I didn't do anything wrong". I'm not excluding myself with that type of people because sometimes,I also do the same.No difference at all.

2:47am,Fakhi send me a message,
"ko ok x?"  (are you okay?)

Well this type of friend,is really the best a man can get. He worried about me,and text me before he sleep.Care about other's feelings.Miss V if you read this, you must realize that breakup with him really isn't a great idea,although I don't really know what happen between both of you.

He act like a true friend.I also got few others that act like a true friend,which I'm glad to have them by my sides. 
Meanwhile,"acting" like a friend is the other sides of story.

What's done is done. And I'm cool with it. I'm not god to judge someone,so better let it be.

Well atleast !

I'd get my result. Thanks to Allah, I pass all the subjects. Alhamdulillah. I'm not a good person,I know. Full of sins. Well atleast, Allah fulfill one of my prayer,which is to pass all the subjects. The 2nd one is getting 3 pointer,I lack 0.02.Daijobu !

New resolutions for next sem:
1.Lessen gaming time and study every night ! I play too much this sem,I realize it.My friends also can point it out.Cos they care for me,that's why.I'm so glad.Thanks guys.So,I already allow Mazu and East to slap me if I play Dragon Nest too much for the next two semesters.Mark my words guys.I'm serious.Hontounii.

2.Get near to Allah.Start reading the holy Quran atleast a page every week with its translations.

3.Spend money wisely ^^

The result for this semester really burn my spirit back to study.Ganbatte ! Gonna strive hard to grad with CGPA 3.5, InsyaAllah ! I don't need you to wish me luck,but do pray for me.Pray that I manage to keep my own promises to myself,and manage to grad with flying colour, like Nyan-cat.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Brace yourself,results is coming

27th April 2012,somethings bigger than Avenger movie is coming out.Aigoo... got a bad feeling about this.I don't expect much. Just passed all subjects and maintain 3 pointer is enough. Thermo,Ele,Fluid,CSC,Math...please be good to me.

Last resort ,tawakkal to Allah.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Merantau Warriors 2:The Search of 3 Legendary Item !

It's a peaceful morning in a village called Pandan Indah.The peasants do their work in farm.Birds singing like a choir group,welcoming the morning.Ray of sun piercing my window,makes me wake up from slumber.The time is 10.30am when Lvl 20 Warrior:Hyu Gin sending blue bird mail to me,Lvl 20 Paladin:AwieAGC to ask for party request.A few minutes later,he arrived at the village.He looks like a skillful warrior.Fullset,black and white rare armor equipped. The shine of his weapon,the +15 Blackberry leave me in awe.

I set up my gear for the adventure.+8 Snowcap, +8 ZR T-shirt, +6 Black Jeans,+2 Selipar Jepun,and +12 Nokia Express Music as my main weapon. We start our journey with hope as high as the KLCC Tower,the dungeon that we addressed to go for a quest:To find the "3 Legendary Item".

By feeding a few amount of berries,a giant worm monster called LRT,agree to send us to the dungeon.Although he look hideous,he actually very friendly.By his help,we arrive at the dungeon after 1 hour.

The Towers of KLCC.It's really high.Rumors said that at the top of the two tower,lived two dragons from two different world,Dragonica and Dragon Nest. Fighters from each village gather here to buy items and armors.We just step into the dungeon when suddenly, a small blue bird flew directly to me.

"Party request by: Airayaya"

Airayaya,she's a friend of mine since we're still in low level class.We practice the art of fighting together.Later, she decides to further as Paladin in Klang City,far from Pandan Indah Village.It has been a long time since the last time I saw her.We meet in front of Mage Spellbook Shop:Kinokuniya. She didn't change a lot. Maybe taller then before.Same exact smile that she threw me few years before.

In-game screenshot 

Moving as a party of three, we stroll around the dungeon. There are many shops there and we can clearly see the merchants there trying hard to sell their items as well as fighters try to negotiate. Airayaya send me trade request and gave me "Bracelet Of Airayaya".In return,I also gave her some health and mana potions.

Sadly,after floor by floor, we didn't manage to find our quest items there. After a while,Airayaya decided to left the party as our quest is different from another.We wave her goodbye and continue our adventure.The journey must go on !

"The 3 legendary items,where are they? where are we suppose to find them?" I ask Hyu Gin.
" is quite dangerous.But how about we try to search it in the Maze of Sg Wang Plaza?" He replied with serious tone.

Maze of Sg Wang Plaza. It's a scary place,full of mobs,monsters and myth creatures.But what fighters really afraid of is the road inside. Many fighters didn't even manage to get out from that place. The road inside move by its own,and really confusing. We set our heart strong and step into the maze. It takes just a few minutes walk to make us lost. Sweat started to flow from our forehead.

"Err,this is the 3rd time we walk across here.." said Hyu Gin.
"hmm yea definitely..haihh " sigh myself.

We walk hopelessly for hours when suddenly the bracelet that Airayaya gave me glowing.Hyu Gin makes weird expression.So do I. As we walk, the glow keep brighter and brighter. The bracelet, it navigates us the correct path ! We were guided by the glow and keep moving.

Out of the blue, a loud and eerie laughing sound can be heard clearly in front of us.It makes me shiver.We take out our weapon and get ready for battle. We carefully move forward...

"Oh god.. is that the monster? she is just too..... " I captivated.
"Awie ! get hold of yourself ! she is not what you think she is !" Hyu Gin shout angrily as he saw me hypnotized.

The monster is Erika Sawajiri. This legendary myth creature is really beautiful,yet really dangerous. Even a woman can be captivated by its beauty.This monster didn't let anyone that had seen her face to live. That is why there's no one that can describe how she look exactly.
I just can stand there,paralyzed. The monster walk toward us with such smile that no man can forget,carrying a giant-rusty scissor.Fresh blood stain can be seen at the edge of the scissor.

the legendary myth monster,Erika Sawajiri.Just look at the scissor on her hand.

"Do not see her face.. do not see her face..must not see her face ! " Hyu Gin said to himself,trembling.
"Hyu Gin, you must fight with her. I'm totally numb right now.You are the only hope"

Hyu Gin run as fast as he could and hide inside bushes,leaving me standing there like a statue. Erika swing her giant scissor to slice me into pieces then suddenly,

"Hey Erika-chan ! why your face so ugly? got a lot of wrinkle here and there.. even my grandma still prettier than you ! such an ugly creature !" Hyu Gin provoked,saves my life right on time.
As expected, a monster that famous because of it's beauty, can't bear to be called ugly.

"KYAHH !! HOW DARE YOU HUMAN !!! IM NOT UGLY !!!" beastly voice came out.
She rushed towards Hyu Gin, with her scissor faced front.

"Take this you filthy creature ! " Shout Hyu Gin while throwing magic powder straight to Erika's face. The powder manage to cover the monster's face ! Now we can kill her !
I take out my main weapon,and cast a magic apps,the UV rays !

"I'm sorry Erika,but I must defeat you !"

Erika also known to have XP syndrome,which means that she can't be exposed to sunlight.The UV rays from my weapon leave her unable to breath. Her skin started to burn.

"Argghhhh !" she screamed just before she vanished into thin air.

"Yeahh we made it !" I yell out happily.
"Hahaa yes ! we really kill the monster !" said Hyu Gin.

"hey..young warrior and young paladin..thank you for releasing me from my curse",an angelic voice came behind us.

Its Erika.She looks more like a normal human this time,but transparent; like ghost.

"I've been cursed by a shaman called Media. He put me in suffering for hundreds of years. But thanks to both of you,I've been purified." Said Erika with gentle smile, leave me speechless.

"As a token of appreciation,take these things with you. I don't need it anymore,because I'm already....dead.."

She gave us The Legendary Items!  All three of them! which means, our quest is complete !

"Arigato Erika-nee.. "said Hyu Gin with a wide smile on his face.

“Compare to what both of you had done to me, these things are nothing” she replied.

"Err..err..I.. my name” My tongue locked, as my heart beating really fast.

“Hehe this paladin really funny” said Erika before she gave me the greatest present ever, a kiss to my cheek. That’s the last thing that I remember, before I fainted.

I woke up the next morning, in my own room. Hyu Gin already left the village, with a piece of note left to me.

“Thanks for the adventure,Paladin of Pandan Indah.We shall meet again soon. Join my adventure in Melaka City if you have free time. Farewell ! “

Someday, I will go there ! 

New place to discover ! 

New adventure awaits !


Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Boss My Hero:5SB1

Finish watching My Boss My Hero. The story is about a son of Yakuza clan,Sakaki Makio that had been send by his father to high school.His father stated that only by graduating he can inherit the clan because he's too "baka" to become a leader. The stories flows from how much he hated school until he finally realize that how great it is to be there;learning about friendship and love.

 Sakaki Makio,feel like wanna slap his face >_<

Umemura-chan <3

While watching it,I deeply feel that I miss school !
I miss friends,I miss teachers, I miss class,I miss the bell rings,I miss canteen, I miss keropok merah,I miss that skull in science lab,I miss everything !
I miss "giant-lumberjack" that would hit my heart every time I saw her,exactly like what Sakaki feels when he see Umemura.I miss those feelings when we sit around and chaining jokes and laugh out loud.

During my days in SMK Seri Iskandar,I'd been the class president for 4 years.Guys,I'm really sorry if I'm not a good leader.What I'm good at is just shouting "Bangun,Assalamualaikum cikgu !" every morning. There are even some info that I didn't manage to transfer to all of you on time. Gomennasai minna ! I'm truly sorry. And thanks for trusting me till the end.

well,here are some pictures that bring a lot memories.Maybe I'll add more soon :'D

Form 2 students :D

5 Sains Bestari 1:2009

Crows Zero >_<


A lot of "hidden message" in this pic :P

The last time Zero Range performing on stage

Playing Penggal Selipar with 5SB2 :D

Last day of school :')

Last picture in class T_T

Viva La Vida SMK Seri Iskandar.Thanks for teaching me many things.Miss you a lot :')

Last but not least

Saturday, April 14, 2012

1 Liter Of Tears

Just finish watching 1 litre of tears for the 4th time.This time with my mum.Like always,ep 8 is really "killer";no one can watch without crying (well if not, atleast your eye will be watery for sure) I cried together with my Okaasan (but cover my face with pillow :P)

Tell you what,this is the only drama that manage to make me cry truthfully.Because most of drama (korean and japan),the major sad element is about love.Unrequited love,break-up etc. But this drama,really one of a kind! *sfx Rob Van Dam*
and it's base on true story (although there are some alteration).
Its about a girl named Ikeuchi Aya (the actress is Erika Sawajiri) that struggle hard to fight her own illness.Her health gradually become worst every episode;yet she's so optimistic although in that condition.You can read more here.

                                                  Icheuki Aya,1962-1988

After watching it,there are many things that I've learned.The blessed of health,is something that we always forget.We didn't care much about our health,because we think that we're really healthy. But once god take the nikmat of good health from you,then you know how precious it is ! This drama also makes me value life more. Those words by Aya really does inspired me.I even bought the english translation of her diary at Kinokuniya,KLCC.Although I almost give up finding it after strolling for hours;even the bro at the info counter says that there's no english version.Still, in the end hardworks paid off.I finally found it with the help of my mobile phone,google-ing the ISBN for the book (somehow I feel like Aya is cheering me not to give up finding her diary).For anyone that wanna buy it,the ISBN is 9784-8968-44955.


Some of comments from my friends:
"huih,sape yg tak nangis tu mmglah hati batu kan..hehe"-Hinata-chan
"haha sedih doe"-Wak Iskandar
"sbb kite dh penat nangis,kte tak tgk 2ep las,hahaa"-Nurakmal
"2 kali tgk....2 hari....2 kali nanges cover...hahahah"-Mazu

So for those who doesn't watch it yet,you'd better be ! I can assure you that this 11 episode drama wouldn't waste your time;because it will somehow change your view in life.

Live life to the fullest !

PS-I will quoted Aya's words in my blog.
Currently still reading the diary ^^

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My bros is back !

Nell is back ! Finally,real music to my ear.Can't wait to hear all of their new songs.I hope someone upload it tomorrow (for me to download :P)

Well,here it is !

So today,the full album already been uploaded.Its download time !
Here the link for you,pirates that wanna download their album too

Nell-5th Album,Slip Away download

Be fast before they remove it !

Monday, April 9, 2012


Tidying my Facebook account, renewing blog. Yeah, need a little kickstart right now. I'll post past events that I didn't manage to put it here on time. Stay tuned !

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Reality of realities:Cycles

Life,is indeed a funny thing. Yesterday we laugh out loud then suddenly today, we cried. Its a funny thing that how a slight time can change everything. Cycle of happiness and sadness, life and death. It turn around with just a split second.

Although the changes occur within a short time,the period of each phase is what really matters. How long you've been sad,how long you've been happy;before you reach the limit of changing the phase.Its not a simple task to go through sadness and finding your own "changing point" to happiness. We need Iman.We need the heart of steel.

Typical human.We always look at person who's better than us. Envy them. Why are they this,and why you're not that? Keep questioning your so called bad fate. Sad,because we didn't realize that actually we're so lucky.
You're lucky because you can read this now.I'm lucky because I can type this now.Put our hand to our own heart and feel it beating.Lucky that Allah still give us chance to live.Lucky that we had been given good health to go through our daily life.

Today I'd lost my Ipod that I only use for 2 semesters.It's like what Icheuki Aya's mum said when she know about her daughter illness;

                                  "I can accept the fact,but still my heart can't accept it"

That's what I feel right now.Already at Perak but it feels like half of my heart had been left behind.
Although I'm sad about it,I do think that I'm still lucky. At the exact moment,there are people who lost their home,while I just lost my Ipod.I am lucky right?

Even still.Trying hard to chill, but as a weak human being,its impossible.

Ya Allah,
   Ya Rahman,Ya Rahim.Please give me strength.
       Ya Ariff,Ya Hakim,Ya Adil.Show your judgement.