Sunday, June 19, 2011

Selamat hari Bapa !

Selamat hari bapa to my father,Muhammad Nazri Bin Baharuddin.You're always my HERO ! :D

Friday, June 17, 2011

The hardest part

When you cry a river,but nobody notices you tears,

When you scream out loud,but nobody hear,

When you think everyone cares,but you're alone with fear,

When you really need someone,but nobody appear

When you hope it will finish,and the end is near

But the same thing happen,year by year,

Listen to this,lend me your ear,

This is the hardest part,endure it my dear -AwieAGC,2011

p/s:Don't forget to use the APA referencing if you want to copy this.LOL :P

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Anonymous:Operation Malaysia

SO,do you know that there is a group.A hacking group called Anonymous that want to hack Malaysian Government site?

Their reason is because our government is way too strict in blocking sites.Such sites that had been blocked are Megaupload,Pirates Bay,WikiLeaks,Filestube and more.

They believe that we as internet users should have the freedom to surf the internet.And they think that their action will teach our government a lesson.

BUT,this is actually really dangerous for us.As they enter our gov. site,they can do whatever they want,and worst,they can delete all Malaysian citizen identification !

Listen to this

read more from the Star Online

UPDATED:Anonymous on TV3

Monday, June 13, 2011

About ‘’AgentC’’

Plug in Nell songs,suddenly feels like a dejavu. No,it’s not a dejavu,cos it really does happen many times.This thing.This current situation that happen.

If you ever wondered, what the heck actually ‘’AgentC’’ (my friend Aman gave me that name) is,here is the answer.

Back in high school,I work as a ‘’love agent’’,sort of.Funny isn’t it? Many friends that I helped out. Some successful, but some didn’t.

But most of the relationship didn’t last long.Maybe it’s because they’re too young at that time.Or maybe using the ‘’third person’’ isn’t really a good idea.

Well atleast,they still get the girl that they want right? Even for a short period. And the responsibility to take care of the relationship is on them. Not me.

You know, worked as ‘’AgentC’’ is really fun. Flirting girls for other people. Sometimes, I didn’t tell my friend that I helped him.

But you know what’s the bitter part of it? When the ‘’target girl’’ is the girl that I like. Not ‘really’ like,just ‘quite’ like.Get it? You’d probably already know who’s the girl that I ‘’really’’ like in high school,and thanks to god that no one asked me to tackle her.

And those questions that I really hate to answer. ‘’You helped me, but why you don’t have a girlfriend? Why don’t you flirt one for yourself?’’

The answer is ‘’ I just don’t feel like it’’. Guess what, I lied.

Because actually, I really doesn’t know how to flirt a girl for my own self. You can see the prove right now right? It’s not that I didn’t try.

Even that I didn’t worked as ‘’the AgentC’’ anymore, I still like to use that name till now. It’s quite cool.Hehehh.

Want me to help you? Just contact me okay ! And I’ll reconsider to work, depends on how much you’ll pay..kekeke :P

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Welcome new blogger !

Grats to Daus Saldi for making blogger account and started blogging ! Do follow him guys ! :D

Monday, June 6, 2011

New crush? TOTALLY LOL

The new Dynamics lecturer !

Hahaa..Don't know why but she looks really sweet,with that smile and laugh.And the way she talks.

Okay,she's ''Puan'' already.

LOL,it's not that I'd gone crazy to flirt someone else wife,and she's far older than me.I'm still sane =_=''

Its just that I like that type of woman.Get it? That TYPE,not that WOMAN.I still can think logically la korang.

She reminds me of ''her''.Maybe that's the reason.For sure.

P/s: Puan,do you have a younger sister? >_<

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Childish Elder

We we're swimming in the pool today,when suddenly a pakcik,around 50-60 years old come and said;

Pakcik: Is this the first time all of you use swimming pool? Don't you ever read the instruction? your cloth isn't suitable. That the reason the swimming pool easily get dirty even we're the smallest in this area.

Zaim: But this is the first time we ever use HERE pakcik.

Pakcik :I don't care whether this is your first time or not but don't you know that your apparel is not for swimming in this type of pool? It's suitable for you all to swim in lombong,paya,tangki najis.What floor you all lived at? what room?

Noa: 20 (he lied)

I was reading the instruction at that time and THERE IS NO INSTRUCTION OF SUITABLE CLOTHING IN THE LIST ! and I never ever being scold wearing a plain t-shirt in any swimming pool I'd ever swim at! It's not that we're wearing a dirty shirt.

Okay,maybe we're wrong.But Pakcik,don't you ever have any manners to talk or to scold us? I know,we're young.But I don't think elder have the right to said harsh words to us.Or yes,you're rich.We're not.That ''Castle Prima'' is yours. But does it makes you think that you're really that good to say those thing to us? macam hina sangat kitorang ni mandi loji najis.

Watabak.Childish Elder.Thank you for your friendly advice.

Reality of Realities: Alhamdulillah

Dunia ini penuh dengan kenyataan yang memedihkan.

Tetapi akan sentiasa ada ruang untuk kita mengucap Alhamdulillah sebagai tanda syukur pada Ilahi.

Syukur dengan apa yang telah dikurniakan.

Manusia akan sentiasa melihat kekurangan diri, dengan melihat kelebihan manusia yang lain.

Sepatutnya kita perlu melihat kelebihan yang dikurniakan kepada kita,dengan kekurangan yang ada pada manusia lain.

''walaupun aku 'itu',sekurang-kurangnya aku 'ini'... ''

Kerana tiada manusia dilahirkan sempurna.

Dan insan yang menganggap dirinya sempurna tidak akan terlepas dari kelemahan dirinya sendiri.

Iaitu sikap ego yang melampau.

Jadi,bersyukurlah dengan apa yang telah dikurniakan.