Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Okaerinasai tomodachi

lol,the flying hat !

McD breakfast today with the 'Besties Circle' 
Long time no see them both, especially Nur
Thanks for the gifts and really sorry for coming empty handed T_T
Next time we will bring something ! xD

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Producing Nobuta

The truth lies in what you believe.
As long as you believe in it, it is true.

This is a pure story of friendship, between a girl and 2 boys. The girl (Nobuta) is someone that always being bullied throughout her life,until she meets with Akira and Shuji, that had promised to change her fate and make her the most famous girl in school.

So much things that can be seen in this drama. How they appreciate, care, and put their friends as someone that really important. It's really touching. The true meaning of friendship, they really does share their laugh and tears together.. 

The best part is that the ending is so unexpected (watch it yourself). Something that really rare to happen in drama. Such a nice story indeed :D

Well here's the link for you to watch it, Nobuta Wo Produce

Saturday, October 20, 2012

For You in Full Blossom

If you don't do stupid things while you're young, you'll have nothing to laugh about when you're old.

True friends will not let you do stupid things alone.

If you had ever watch Hanakimi, why not watch it again now.. What Cikgu Naziha had said years back then is really true.. high school is the best time of your life.. full of spirit, love, friendship.. it's when you started to learn the cruel reality in life.. yet, immaturity letting you to do all those stupid,funny things..It's sad that high-school in Malaysia is focusing too much on academic.. yeah I know, academic is important to our future.. but still, I would be more fun if there's more fun activity, involving all students,from all classes.. 

I didn't regret in what I had done during my years in high school.. there's plenty of things that I had done.. with friends of course.. Ahh how I wish I can return to those time.. If I know that I would miss high school this much, I would create much more memories there.. 

ps- Sulli definitely can't beat Horikita Maki..she's so cute, no wonder Zaim fall for her :3

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Glow of a firefly

"There's no exact answer for love.What you had decide is the answer"-Yamada-neesan

I'd learn something, from Hotaru No Hikari..

Sometimes, even if we get the person that we like, it may not work out, even that both of you love each other. There are boundaries that even a strong love cannot break.

When we're with the person that we like most, we will try our best to hide our bad side, naturally-bad side, or bad habit.. and it will make both of you feel uncomfortable..it will end up dull.. you can't be your own self, with your own true nature in front of that person. Keep trying your best to be the best in front of him/her..

Sometimes, the one you love is not the one you like the most, but it's the one that you feel comfortable most..the one that you can easily show your bad side, and doesn't need to hide a single thing.. that person can except you no matter who you are..

ps-Haruka Ayase hontouni kawaii in this drama >_< ahh the ending can be expected, but still I love the ending ^^ here's the link for the drama Hotaru no Hikari..
and btw there's also season 2 !

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


journey to casa from uitm

Too much tragedies. At least, 5th semester ended already.Here in Perak, I can feel the warmth of being together with atuk, opah and Iqa. Study life is tiring, and making me numb.
And the circle of life in Penang. It's not that I don't want to involve in something, and it's not that I prefer sit in front of laptop for hours (or maybe it is).. it's just that, I want to repeat the empty day, until it finally ends. Lame it is. But that's the way I'm comfortable with.

One thing that I really hate this semester is too much of bad mouthing. I'm not excluding my own self, sometimes,I do the same too. It is really shameful for us muslim to bad mouthing others, bad mouthing our own friends. Everything happen for a reason, you can't judge a person just by one mistake that he/she make. Even he/she is what you said, even that what you had told is true story about that person behavior, you can't bad mouthing him/her. Look at yourself first, are you really that perfect to condemn others? Once you told about the bad side of a person, the stories will chain continuously. That is why in Islam, mengumpat is one of a big sins.It's like you're eating your own relatives corpse.

You got problem with that person, then tell him directly. Whats the point of bad mouthing? It won't solve any problem. Remember, a true friend is someone who can correct his friends,can advice them, not by watching until the end.

I'm not excluding my own self. But once I realize I'm in the middle of bad mouthing session, I will stop. Not to brag, but at least I got some effort to control myself.

Secondly, my love life is completely ZERO this semester..haha adoii ottoke.. Don't know la when I'm gonna get a girl friend. It's not that there's no girl that catches my attention, but it's hard. Think about this, think about that, think about how we are, think about logic.. and in the end I was like " AHHH MALAS !!" ahaha >_<

Right now I just want to enjoy my holiday~ wohooo~ Hope you guys enjoy your holidays too ! Assalamualaikum