Saturday, April 30, 2011

2nd semester:Static-minded

5.15pm marks the end of the 2nd semester. Hmm.. what should I say about this sem? Nothing much.Quite adventurous maybe.With killer subject like Statics and the early sem problems.Learn how to use machines.Alhamdulillah,everything turns out to be fine.

Well at least it's the time for me to relax for a month.

Wait a sec,there are still works for me.Teach my sister mathematics (she will sit for UPSR examination this year) and composing ZR new song,''Experiment''.Insyaallah,this song will be fully composed in May.Fully techno-pop type songs,so there's no guitar and drum.Hope that it will turn out well.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Total shiznit

1st of all,I really don't know the meaning of shiznit.Found the word in Grownup movie.But that word really suits my ''what the heyl =_='' feelings about the scenario that happen to our music industry today.

Okay-okay,I admit.I'm not listening to local songs nowadays.So,I'm quite noob about the latest malay songs,artists and stuff.But what I found a few days ago really-really makes me think that malaysian music industry had gone mad!

Malay boy group,24:7.''The 1st ever Malaysian Kpop group''.. LOL,everybody know what's that K stand for.It is KOREAN! After being bash by thousand of haters,the admin suddenly stated that the K stand for ''KEINDAHAN''.. what kind of LOL is that? SO,it will be ''the 1st Malaysian KEINDAHAN-POP group''? is it? with members pose like Super Junior,wearing black jacket.Showing their unshaped body.And even use name like Taemin.Gyahhhhhh! WTFH is that?!

Then comes Gula-gula group.Wonder girl/4minutes wannabe.Okay,they quite honest.They already stated that they want to be k-pop type group.
But sigh.You'd better check out their fan page.Malay girls,wearing hot pants,tight shirt.They even stated that ''sexy takda masalah,asalkan tidak melampaui batas''.Hey ahjumma.. siapa yg tentukan hukum Allah sekarang ni? korang ke? so wearing sexy isnt a sin as long as you're not TOO sexy?

Please,Malaysian is Malaysian.Stick to our identity and be proud with it.There's no need to be a copycat to be famous.Its just show how lame our country are.These things is not our culture as a malay.Just take the quality of Korean music,not copying their image.Its really doesn't suits us.

view here for more 24:7 and Gula-gula details (anti-fans pages)

Condemn,because I'm concern.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Today is before


Week before,is our last class for this semester.We're having fun with the karaoke competition,and the foods.I and Ardy even won the competition.But today is a week after.

There's a day,when I came back to UiTM,to continue my 2nd semester of study.But today,I've got only 1 weeks left as a sem 2 student.

There's a day,when I send my friend,Aman to Matrikulasi Gopeng.But today,he is already an ex-student there.

There's a day when I never think about future and what will I be.But today,everyday is about thinking.Thinking about the future and the preparation that I've made till now.Am I really capable to go through? or wasn't I.

Future is ahead, as today will be yesterday.And even the moment you read this is history.Is it really true that time is tide and wait for no man? Then,I wish I was a girl.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cyborg She

One of the best J-movie I'd ever watched.This is pure sci-fi love story! And the actress,Haruka Ayase.Perh comel gler! (extremely cute!)
I don't want to step into reality anymore! >_<

Unique story,nice ending,everything is perfect.I don't know about you,but this movie really make me quite emo (still emo right now T_T)

For those who didn't watch it yet,better watch this trailer 1st.Whether you like the trailer or not, im forcing you to download and watch the movie right now!


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Create a boring in a metal block

Urghh.. what a boring weekend.. ottokajo?

1.Facebook.Wait for notifications and IMs

2.Downloading new songs from Soompi K-pop weekly chart.Hunt for ballad songs.

3.Playing Osu,till my eye get out from its socket.

4.Watch movies in my hardisk.Just finish Girl from Hell:Mitsuganai anime.Such a sad ending T_T

6.Getting updated with k-pop news (especially SNSD <3)

5.Editing pics (but currently run out of new pics =_='')

7.FL Studio.Try something new.Compose new song etc

8.Study? maybe a little..huhuhh

9.Eat? 0_0

10.Sleep! H-yeah! >_<