Monday, August 30, 2010

Over-diffusing and Overloaded Changing

Its about 3 months I gone through a new life here at UITM Pulau Pinang.Live as a university students is quite hard.Assignments,project works,homeworks,forums,sketches.. Urhh,.getting busy day by day T_T

Although its only 3 months,there's so many things that i'd learned about peoples and the facts that all people around us isn't the same.

The hardest part is,most of us undergoes changing when we're surrounded by a new surrounding. We're still teenagers.Its up to us whether the changing that we undergo is from negative to positive (which means,we're so lucky) or vice versa.

So,i just want to share some of my opinions on how to be that lucky person! :D

1.The most important thing is,we mustn't be far away from our religion.As a muslim,we mustn't forget to pray to Allah and dont forget our ibadah .What that i can see clearly,and usually happen to all universities is social problems.Before this,I always said bad things when i see university students gather,extremely close between girl and boys.But,as i become a university students myself,that view is just normal.But deep in my heart,extremely close between a girl and a boy,or as we called it social problems isnt a good thing,as we must take care of our limit as a muslimin and muslimah.But the major problem is,most of muslim students had forgotten that boundary.Its such a sad thing though.

2.We mustn't forget our aim to be here,which is to study! As a part-one students,I clearly can feel the passions and spirits of study at here.Although its just a test,most of the students study quite serious.Just look at Bilik Bacaan Zamrud a day before physic test.Its full of students studying.Maybe it is because of the carried marks system,but maybe,we're still part-one students! That aim of studying still clear in our mind! If all UITM students take study that serious,how come there's still numbers of students repeating papers in part 3-5? What if they still have that ''part-one'' fresh spirits? will they failed? I'm not blaming on them,if they had tried their best.But some of them failed because they had forgotten their aim to be here,which is to study.Maybe the freedom as a university students had blinded them.

3.Don't judge a book by its cover! Which also means that,we mustn't judge a person by their face! Be wise in choosing friends.This is so important as we get along with new friends here. Yes,most of them can be trusted,but it is just a most.Not all persons that we can trust.Back to basic.Before we put our trust to someone,how about we check their background,manners and their behavior first.Is he/she someone that you can trust or isnt he/she?

4.If you dont want to be changed into a worst person,how about be your ownself,just like before you come here. Sometimes,doing nothing is the best thing to do.Always asked yourself ''am I like this before?''.. If you had started to feel changes (negatively),then you're quite lucky.It means that you still have the chance to be your own-better-person just like before.Beware! changes is extremely hard to be detected by our ownself!

5.Each of your action here,just simply remind yourself "what if my mum and dad know about this?"..Doing all thing without thinking the bad effect is not freedom.Always bear in mind that the real freedom is when our parents take good care of us.Like in the ''Ba-gua" movie, "ALL OUR PARENTS ACTION IS FOR OUR OWN GOOD!''..

Thats just some of my opinions.And yes,each person have different point of view.Its up to you to differentiate between bad and good. Wallahu'alam :D

Saturday, August 28, 2010

CNBlue-Teardrops In the Rain

No one ever sees, no one feels the pain
Teadrops in the rain

I wish upon a star, I wonder where you are
I wish you're coming back to me again
And everything's the same like it used to be

I see the days go by and still I wonder why
I wonder why it has to be this way
Why can't I have you here just like it used to be

I don't know which way to choose
How can I find a way to go on ?
I don't know if I can go on without you oh

Even if my heart's still beating just for you
I really know you are not feeling like I do
And even if the sun is shining over me
How come I still freeze ?
No one ever sees, no one feels the pain
I shed teardrops in the rain

I wish that I could fly, I wonder what you say
I wish you're flying back to me again
Hope everything's the same like it used to be

I don't know which way to choose
How can I find a way to go on
I don't know if I can go on without you, without you

Even if my heart's still beating just for you
I really know you are not feeling like I do
And even if the sun is shining over me
How come I still freeze ?
No one ever sees, no one feels the pain
I shed teardrops in the rain

Oh... I shed teardrops in the rain
Oh... Hey... Teardrops in the rain

Even if my heart's still beating just for you
I really know you are not feeling like I do
And even if the sun is shining over me
How come I still freeze ?
No one ever sees (no one) no one feels the pain (no one)
I shed teardrops in the rain
Teardrops in the rain
Teardrops in the rain
Teardrops in the rain...

download link:

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Abstracting Is Art!

AwieAGC is currently addicted in abstracting! >_<

It is so fun and cool to play with Adobe Photoshop CS5 or also known as ''White Rabbit''!

Here are some of my editing,hope u'll like it!

Oh yes.. I'm a new learner.. Hope that you can criticize my artwork so that i can be better!

I like this :D

another ZR logo experiment

Miss Noorli said "Sharing Is Caring"..

Interested? get your own fully-cracked-portable Adobe Photshop CS5.

And don't forget to download brushes at

Monday, August 23, 2010


Should I? Or shouldn't I?

I would choose shouldn't,although my heart scream out "Go for it Awie! you still have the chance to get her!" Hey heart,hear this..I dont want to be egoistic. This matter,it's seriously about two hearts,not just you,my heart!

Its been a while since the last time I say her name or I hear rumors about her.It has been a taboo to myself.Until suddenly,one of my friends tell me something on facebook...

''......She afraid you would find someone else in UITM Penang''

''I dont believe it,Dont lie to me.."

"No im not.I didnt lie to you"

''Can you prove it?"

"Ask one of her room mate by yourself.."

Okay.So, I do asked one of her room mate.Just as I thought,its just a misunderstanding.. Actually,she said "i really didn't believe Awie.He will find someone else soon.."
Haha.yeah.. thats the reality.From those words,i can conclude that she probably would be happy if I really do find someone else here.Plus,she didnt believe in me at all..

I should stop believing in something that just come in my dream."She afraid you would find someone else in UITM Penang'' and "I really didn't believe Awie.He will find someone else soon.." are two sentences that sounds quite same,but very difference in meaning.

Should I continue trying? Or shouldn't I? EQ vs IQ.. Yes,i do love her.But i don't know if I still have the courage to get close to her.Or even get her heart.I just don't want to get hurt.Maybe im a coward.But sometimes,being a coward is the best thing to do.

Someone said to me "Just be connected to her! text her! IM on Facebook!"

I'd already done that.The last time I IM her on FB,the conversation turned out to be a ''one-way-conversation''.Im the only one who asking.And she just answering one by one.Atleast,cant she just asked me on my study or something like that?

and she didn't replied to my last message.Probably out of prepaid.Hope so.

Sigh..I still can't see someone here,in UITMPP that have the ''accent'' like her.So,just be me,here.. no ''girl-hunting''..Perhaps,I completely doesn't have those ''double L'' feeling anymore.Like and Love.

She said "Im happy to be friend with you.Lets be friend forever''..

guess what? I said "yeah,friends forever.."

Dear reader,can you relate on that? still,a few words shows a huge meaning..If someone tell me to wait for her.Then Im asking you back ''till when? till she find someone else and at that moment,all that i get is pain all over again?'' what a happy ending..let just be friend FOREVER..

Atleast,I still believe that Allah is wise and merciful.She would fated me with someone.Only time will tell.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Break-Habit-Fasting xD

Do not read this while you're still fasting! Or else,this might test the strength of your Iman! >_<

Oowyeeeeah!! We're eating 3 large and 3 regular size of Domino Pizza for breakfasting!

Rm16.40 per persons,but its worth it! For the very 1st time,I ate 4 slice of large pizza and 3 slice of regular one, none stop!

Haidhar made weird kind of jokes again! As he ordering the food,he said ''.........we also want to order two LA-SAG-NA"

Bwahaha!! Its sounds like "LAKSA-NA"!! xD

-nuffsaid =P-

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Music Makes Addict

Its been a while since the last time I uploaded my shuffle vids on Youtube.Damn it.I miss shuffling with ZR's so much T_T

I still clearly remember how ''weird'' my shuffle style is back then in form 4.Fortunately,after 2 years of shuffling,thanks god i'm improving.Although I still can't beat most of the legends such as HR Speedodevo,THF Ochibi.MI Ryu and TIHB Simphony,but the passion of Hard Dancing is the best!

Shuffling around school,house,Bandar U lakeville,shopping mall,performing on stage..owyeah! been chased out by the guard and warned by police for entering old building just for shuffle! >_<

This year,Nizar,Noa and I had participated in Shuffle Online Tournament in Youtube.It is so exciting because our opponents come from shufflers around the world! My rank is number 6,but suddenly the tourney turned out to be suddendeath =_="
But its okay,i love the experienced to be part of it.And yeah! The winner of the tourney is Aaron3il from Austria,the one who kicked me out of the tourney with the results 3-2!

A special thanks to some vids editors that put me in their shuffle compilation.I appreciate it so much :D

And a words for you Nizar.When we have time,lets record new vids again like the old time dude!

These are my fav ZR shuffle vids.Im glad if u would watch it :D

shuffle and aerobic competition at SMK Seri Iskandar..
omg, the audience was so loud atm xD

Shuffle at Ipoh Parade.Err..I dont know what actually happen to us.
Maybe to much of tension and bored atm =_="

owyeah! our third official compilation! xD

hmm,. this vids is really sad T_T

miss this moment :(

When im 70++, i'll show some of my vids to my grandchildren so that they know that their grandpa is a shuffler back then! xD

Yeah, I know that Hard Dance is fading day by day..=(
But still,I love it so much!

For more vids,log on to:



Tuesday, August 3, 2010


*ATTENTION:releasing anger should be written in Bahasa Melayu*

Grr..rasa mcm nak koyak2 je kertas2 PTPTN kat dpn pegawai2 PTPTN smlm. Okey,1st problem, dah aku settle amik sain parents,smpai UITMPP kecoh lak dorang kte nk kne ada dua set n set kdua pun kne sain ori gak.

WHAT THA?! pehal laa.. klau bnde spenting ni,atleast tulis la kat website dy TERANG n JELAS.

Jalan pnyelesaian:Fotostat, n tekap balik smua sain2 yg blambak tuh. (well,mmg nmpk fake nk abis)

Then,aku lepak dgn haidhar kat Laman Perdana,dpn pegawai2 yg tgh bz ''mencari kesalahan'' student2 yg submit form tuh.Mmg sedih tgk ramai yg kne reject.Bnda kecik2 pun smpai nk kne reject.Contohnya,gaji x tally dgn slip gaji.Dorang xpk ke? budak2 UITM ni bkn rumah walking distance.Boleh sng2 refer parents klau ada papehal.Ada yg smpai parents dari perak dtg smata2 nk sain bnda PTPTN tuh.Atleast,buatla sistem yg sng sikit,xmnyusahkan student yg nk apply.

Lpas klas Lab phy,aku direct g LP,nk beradu nasib.Dlm hati aku ''lantak lah PTPTN,xde dorang pun dak mechy boleh hdup.Mechy xbnyk telan bajet bulan2''.So,klau ak kne reject sbb sain tu.Aku trima jelah.

tiba masa ke meja ''pengadilan'',.aku bg la borang aku kat salah sorang makcik pegawai PTPTN tuh.Then,dy selak2.......

dy tekan2 kalkulator.....
Adik xboleh ni.Sepatutnya dpt separuh je pinjaman, tp tertera dpt penuh.Ambil borang pembatalan kat atas meja sana.Isi dan bg kat abg ni. (smbil mnunjukkan pakcik sebelah dy).Okay2..blurr aku seketika..

Aku pun refer kat sorang pegawai kat sini yg ada unsur2 ''kemanusian''.Dy yg slalu tolong student2 yg sangkut.

Owh..adik salah ni.Klau parents msih hidup,xboleh letak pnjaga atuk sbb nnt sistem akn detect pndapatan pnjaga..

Plus,dy kata ''klau nk isi pnjaga,parents kne xbekerja''

LOLMAO! HAHA! ini lawak! betul la aku tinggal dgn atuk n opah aku! dorang PENJAGA aku! And sbb parents aku msih hidup,aku isi gak pendapatan dua2.Betul la aku isi!

Pehal la dy xgtaw awal2 kat webpage tu?! susah sgt ke nk taip bnda2 pnting mcm tu?!

''lpas ni,adik mohon balik utk kelompok 3''

haha,sngnye nk cakap! Dy igt proses aku wat bnda2 tu sng?

1.Ak sorang2 g bukak acc Bank Islam kat KL n kne pau rm1.2o,kononnya nk buat tambang..(jgn harap aku nk bg)

2.Menghabiskan masa,prepaid tefon pej PTPTN yg bz memanjang!

3.Pin BSN rm6 burn mcm tu je.RM10++ utk aku print segala borang2 xvalid lg dah! walaupun xla bnyk mana,tp duit tu,byar duit zakat lg bagus drpd derma kat dorang!

4.Laman web paling truk dan diperakui oleh smua pemohon2 PTPTN! dgn server down.. dah isi tiba2 hilang.. kne allow pop-up blocker.. MENYUSAHKAN! dan yg paling lawak,ada link borang permohonan kat webpage tu,bila klik akan kluar...

...utk mncetak borang permohonan,sila layari laman web PTPTN.. (ROFL! padahal link ni kat web PTPTN ! xD

Yeah.xkesa lah nk kutuk apa kat PTPTN=PETERPAN ke.. P.TIPU.TN ke.. noa kte Pi Tipu Teman.. Sistem dorang teramatlah ''aneh''.. and kesimpulannya...


p/s:klau blog aku kantoi dgn Kerajaan or PTPTN sndiri sbb kondem dorang,sila igt bhwa pemohon2 juga ada hak utk mngutuk sistem supaya dapat DIPERBAHARUI! supaya memudahkan pemohon2 di masa yg akn dtg!
terimalah dgn hati yg terbuka!