Monday, November 26, 2012


Ulasan gambar: Mempunyai kekasih calon isteri tidak semestinya sama dengan bercouple. Ibarat orang yang sudah bertunang, maka tunang itu adalah calon isterinya dan juga kekasihnya.  Selagi mereka tidak berdua2an dan melanggar batas2 syarak, maka hukumnya harus. Bercouple yang berkepit ke sana ke kemari berdua2an itu yang haram.

Haa kan? Its all depends on the individual. Tak semestinya pasangan couple tu semestinya buat maksiat.. gunakan masa untuk planning waktu utk kahwin.. ala senang crite kalau setuju, nikah gantung jela terus, xya nk couple2.. xD

Sunday, November 25, 2012

10K visitor !

Hoorayy~ haha maybe this is actually nothing , but woaah~ finally right?
Doesn't matter whether you read or not, but do support mehhh ! :D

Friday, November 23, 2012

Drama Swasta Result Exam.. wew

Omoo baru aku perasan aku terlupa nak post ni xD.. so here it is.. 

Alhamdulillah, semester ni aku berjaya mengalahkan diri aku pada sem lepas.. semua kerana bantuan Allah SWT terhadap hambanya yg lemah mcm aku ni..
Mcm biasalah, bila kluar result, yg berjaya gembira, yg kurang berjaya berduka.. tu smua tak boleh nak dielakkan kerana kita semua manusia tak?

Bila timbul isu result ni, mcm2 le drama yg berlaku.. Tanpa melengahkan masa, ayuh kita lihat drama2 yg berlaku..

Ilmu vs Pointer Semasa,

Kadang2 kita lupa apa tujuan kita menuntut ilmu itu sendiri.. cuba kita fikirkan balik, kita kejar ilmu atau kita kejar pointer? sbgai student sendiri, aku faham.. pointer ni penting,. sbb ia akan tertera pada sijil diploma kita nanti.. tapi, mana datang kerberkatan dalam menimba ilmu jika kita hanya mengejar pointer semata-mata?

Definisi Ilmu/Pointer dari pemahaman aku sendiri,

Ilmu-Segala apa yg dipelajari sepanjang semester, sama ada secara langsung atau tidak langsung. Datangnya dari pelbagai sumber, sama ada pensyarah, buku, rakan-rakan,dan ahli keluarga sendiri. Melibatkan kefahaman dan rasa ingin tahu pelajar itu sendiri.

Pointer Semasa-Apa yg dijawab dlm helaian kertas, dlm tempoh 2-3jam menggunakan pngetahuan ttg apa yg dipelajari dlm tempoh 1 semester.

Jadi, wajar ke kalau segala apa yg dipelajari dalam satu semester hanya diukur dlm masa hanya 2-3 jam? Bukan tu je, ada pula insan yg tak sihat time exam, atau menghadapi stress, kemurungan akibat kematian ahli keluarga, dan beraneka lagi faktor yg mengakibatkan seseorang tu hilang tumpuan.

Tak munasabah kalau kita jadikan pointer itu semata-mata sebagai kayu ukuran. Segala ilmu yg diperolehi dan difahami sepanjang pembelajaran dlm semester itu jauh lebih bermakna dan tidak perlu diukur-ukur dan dibanding-banding dgn kawan-kawan lain.

Result tu rezeki dari Allah,.. ada yg dpt lebih, ada yg kurang,. ada yg Allah jadikan sbgai ujian kepada kita..
Sebaliknya, Ilmu itu anugerah iaitu rezeki mutlak dari Allah,. bersyukurlah sbb kita masih diberi peluang utk menimba ilmu.. Ingat, ada bnyak insan diluar sana yg inginkan tempat anda sekarang..

Usaha dan Tawakkal,

Kalau nk berjaya tu, sure2 la perlukan usaha.. tipu la klau nk kata seseorang tu berjaya tanpa sebarang usaha.. Tetapi, antara perkara yg aku perasan la, masyarakat kita ni selalu sgt mempertikaikan usaha seseorang.. antara ayat2 yg femes dikatakan mcm ni-

 ''minah ni study sikit2 je tapi score gak time exam, aku study penat2 xscore pun''.. 

Satu la bnda yg aku nk tanya kpd insan2 yg mempertikaikan usaha org lain.. 
Korang pasang CCTV ke kat sekitar dorang sampai korang boleh sure usaha dorang ni sikit je? 
Bnyk bnda yg perlu korang ambil kira dlm bab belajar ni,..tak perlu la nk mempertikaikan usaha seseorang itu, sebaliknya muhasabah diri tu sendiri.. seperkara lagi yg sering org lupa, ialah tawakkal individu lain itu sendiri.. mungkin Allah menerima doa dia.. mungkin usaha dia dlm berdoa kepada Allah lebih dari kita sendiri..who knows? 

Bila menghadapi kegagalan,

"Failure in life is not the main problem.. the main problem is when you give up and don't want to stand up after the failure.."

Don't give up ! selagi ada peluang, teruskan dgn jalan yg telah dipilih, sehinggalah Allah menutup jalan itu sendiri, supaya kita memilih jalan yg lebih baik In sya Allah.. Jalan bukan penentu, tetapi destinasi itu sendiri.. ada jalan yg jauh, jalan yg berliku, jalan shortcut, ada yg jalan kaki, yg naik kereta, naik kuda, naik harimau.. tp matlamatnya masih destinasi.. kita ni masih muda, comei2 lagi.. perjalanan kita masih jauh,. so jgn putus asa, teruskan perjalanan menuju destinasi masing2..

Sebagai kawan pula, tak perlulah nk cari salah mereka yg menghadapi kegagalan.. sbb mereka lebih kenal diri mereka sendiri.. biar mereka muhasabah diri mereka sendiri,. nk nasihat pun, tunggu dia dah cooldown dulu,. bukan time2 tu direct nk point itu-ini.. 

Nak tgk korang jenis kawan yg mana, tgk kartun begip aku kat bawah ni,

click image to enlarge

So, which type are you? Nasihat awal2, or bila member tu dah kena baru nak bising, baru nk nasihat? Ukur baju di badan sendiri.

That's all folks.Lets us pray for a better future for all of us. Amin. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thomas J. Bergersen

If you just put music as something to be heard when you're bored, then don't read this. Sit back and "enjoy" your favorite-one and only page,Facebook. These words by a professional musician,. a composer.. that had create phenomena..

If you really love music, then read this with an open mind.

"I just wanted to say a few things on dubstep, as some people seem to focus on it, not as the musical device that it is, but rather its status in our culture and society. People identify themselves through music, and express themselves through their taste in music. Sometimes people get so caught up in the attributions of genres that they forget what music is about in the first place. They limit themselves to certain styles because their mind is not free. Music can and should be enjoyed across all genres, regardless of social value, political statement, mainstream success, stigma and so on, because great talent is to be found in every aspect of art, from the popular to the most obscure and unknown. Dubstep has a perceived low social value because of widespread misconceptions, ignorance and bitterness. Bitterness from the UK and surrounding cultures because the US dubstep variant, Brostep, by proxy of the masterful producer Skrillex became an overnight phenomenon that completely overshadowed a decade or so of dubstep history from the country and followers of origin. Ignorance, because people do not understand the considerable talent and work that goes into high quality music of any genre, and finally misconceptions because people think dubstep is written exclusively by teenagers with laptops, no musical education or comprehension of simple musical concepts and theory. Classical music, contemporary and
traditional is considered "sophisticated", "academic", "intelligent" and so on, because the ignorant consensus is that it "obviously requires a much greater mind and skillset to write music for something as complex as an orchestra". Thus, so-called "elitist" and "purist" followers of classical/orchestral music are born, and they, like every other culturally selective group in society stick together to spread the message that the music and art that they identify themselves by is vastly superior to that which the unwashed masses enjoy, such as Justin Bieber and Skrillex.

As someone who has written music for orchestras, choirs, metal bands, trance, country, bubblegum pop, hollywood movies and tv jingles I can assure you that neither musical genre is more sophisticated, intelligent or difficult to do than another. I feel compelled to address the gross ignorance that is displayed increasingly frequent when people trash great pop acts of our time such as Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and so on. The collective talent, musicianship, intelligence and hard work behind these acts is unparalleled. There is a reason why these people are popular, and it's not the image or look that they carry. The music may not be to your taste, but be honest with yourself and man enough to admit that the reason you don't listen to Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga is because of its perceived social stigma, your own ego and/or your views on manufactured talent packages. I myself choose to keep an open mind and never ever mix music and art with politics or as a social affiliation and identification factor. Wherever great men pave new road, greater minds will follow, and the collective great minds will eventually reach the limits of what we are intellectually capable of, only to carry this knowledge forth into new fields of discovery. 

The principle of evolution is as sound in the context of music as in the context of nature. Do you follow the herd or is your mind free? Think about it. Do you identify yourself through music? Do you hide behind it or do you actually choose to be free and embrace everything without prejudice? Life is so rich and full of beauty, and art is truly limitless, so why limit ourselves to the sheep mentality in our appreciation of it? Embrace without prejudice and cultivate that which resonates within you, not what resonates with others."- Thomas J. Bergersen

Monday, November 5, 2012


It's not cruelty. It's human nature.
People cried on your shoulder. Now tell me, do you really feel sad and sympathize? Or you just pretending to be sad, and thinking the exact words to say. 

You care for other people around you. Then tell me, how much that you had done for them? How far that you willing to go just for your so-called ''care'' for them?

You can act, like an actor. A veteran actor. But there's no way that you can hide the huge gap between acting and action. 

It's such a sad thing, when ''cheer up !'' is just an empty words. Is it really the only words that you can say? Is it really the only thing that you can do? Or you didn't even bother trying. 

You're also a liar. "I know how you feel'' is such a lie. You don't even know how they feel !

It doesn't take long. Doesn't need a PhD in Psychology studies to observe your action,your behavior.

Be honest with yourself, and you will find out that, you're just a pretender.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Hey you, I know that you know it. You know what happen at this moment,and what probably would happen in the future. But you just like to observe things from far. You didn't let yourself into this, and you don't want to.. but I know that you really did understand the situation that occur,right? Cos you had asked me that question a long time before. And it's really the truth. You're really a good observer.

But the truth is, there's nothing that can be done to change it.

Hey observer, sometimes I wish that you're in it. To make things more... interesting.. and complicated.