Friday, September 5, 2014

20 facts about me

I just being cool since Fena tagged me with this stuff, and dont wanna mess with my instagram. So here we go.

1. I can't correctly say the alphabet 'R'
2. I got dark skin
3. I have curly hair
4. I'm underweight
5. I have rabbit teeth
6. I only have birthday once in every 4 years
7. I prefer to swallow all my bitter emotion by myself, instead of sharing with anyone. But I really like it when someone share their's to mine. It makes me feel that they trust me.
8. It's really hard for me to hate someone, and really hard to get mad.
9. I prefer to be sad, rather than be angry.
10. I'm a lazy person. But that doesn't mean that Im irresponsible.
11. I got athmatic problem.
12. I got my ego high when it's on opinion (when I have a strong reasoning on it) but I prefer my ego low when it involve others emotion.
13. I'm not good with sports, and I dont like it.
14. I'm a 'skema' person if breaking that particular rules making me a sinner.
15. Its really hard for me to get motivated. But I do my best in most of things.
16. I dislike any food with chilli. But I can eat spicy food.
17. I like it when people being honest with me.
18. I love art so much, especially music.
19. I dont judge people by its pass. I judge people by its 'deen'.
20. I love Allah, Prophet Muhammad, my family, my friends, and my 'calon isteri'.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Life Hack 101: How to be Happy in life

1. Obey Allah and follow the teaching of His messenger, Muhammad s.a.w. If you really good at this, then you can just forget those how-to below.

2. Respect your parents. Do not be rude to them. No matter what they had done to you, you should never be rude to them.

3. Be grateful in every little thing in life.

4. Live your life as how it is now. Don't stuck on past, and don't think too much on the future.

5. Always think before you act.

6. Make someone else happy. Trust me, you will be happy too.

7. Lessen your hatred towards people. Remember two things; i) People can change. ii) Everyone is not perfect. So do you.

8. If you feel so sad; Go cry alot, but make sure you would not cry for the same reason again. Go have fun with your family, friends or lover. Forget about the things that makes you sad. Life is too short to be sad all the time.

9. Husnudzon to people as long as the bad thing you think about them is not reveal as a fact. Remember, each of our bad thought is not from our own self, its from our Qarin.

10. Be honest to people.

11. Be forgiving and ask for forgiveness if you do wrong.

12. Do whatever makes you happy. But always remember, this happiness is temporary, what we really want is the eternal happiness hereafter.

13. No matter what happen, always remember; Everything happen for a reason, something happen to change the season.

Friday, February 7, 2014


Ada sorang member aku encourage aku utk bergiat balik dlm bidang music ni. So, here I am.
Sementara cuti ni, aku buat lagu. Main game pun kadang2 je. Focus lebih kat bidang music ni, sbb passion aku dah kembali.

Yeah, passion aku dlm bidang ni. Kalau xkerana passion, tak mampu aku nk fokus lama2 depan laptop, pastu tarik gitar, pastu depan laptop balik. Korang mungkin tgk lagu 3minit tu nmpk simple, tp hakikatnya xsemudah yg disangka. Drum roll, gitar, bass tab, lead, select plugin, settings. I try my best to remake all songs 1by1.

About Zero Range. Aku rasa now aku nak gerak solo je. Theory music dah ada, cukuplah sekadar aku mampu buat lagu2 ZR balik secara solo. Cuma suara aku yg meow meow ni xla sebagus Lazman Lee (tu yg aku rasa). Sebut R pun xbetul. But still thats it for ZR. Aku xnak kata ZR disband, tp aku nk tunggu org lain dlm ZR yg nk hidupkan balik. Bila org dah xda minat, buat apa nk paksa.

And pasal sokongan. Aku tau, ada yg memperlekehkan. Ada yg xamik kesah pun. Nak click ''play'' tu pun berat, inikan pulak nk bg pendapat. Yes, I know. Aku sedar, aku bukan bagus mana pun. Bukan best pon lagu aku, haha. Xkan la smpai nak kena pm sesorang pass lagu, dah mcm desperados pulak.

But still, Im doing what I love to do, and what I can do. Tak kesah la apa org nak kata cos I still got few friends that keep on supporting me, family, ひかり by my side. That's enough to keep me on track. Dgn bagi idea, bg semangat , dan ada yg sanggup nk cover lagu aku. Thank you so much.

Last but not least, here's my soundcloud. Kalau rasa rajin, dengar la lagu baru aku dlm tu, titled My Sacrifice. Kalau lagi rajin, komen sekali.