Monday, February 1, 2016

Shiawase // Happiness


People relates happiness too much to love. 

Why? Why don't people see that there are many other things that can make you happy.

Have a great friends, and family. Don't they also makes you happy?

Do whatever you want. Go out, have fun.  Play games. Travel. Watch TV series. Play music, do arts. Sports. Read books. Have your own time. Be closer to God. 

Hey, there are tons of way to be happy, but why people keep on chasing that sole happiness that come from... love?

Come to think of it,

That so call love bring more despair than happiness itself. One-sided love, false hope, cheated, mistreated, breakup, divorces. Heartbreaks.

Human change through time, and love might not stays.

I am not saying that love can't make you happy. It sure does in some way.

But we tend to forget that the only one true love is between you and your creator. 

Sometimes you just have to stop chasing love, and be happy as how you are now.

And who knows, maybe love will come after you had found your happiness.