Friday, July 26, 2013


I'm a happy go lucky person, but that doesn't mean that I can't be serious. When I'm serious, I hope you guys do the same. There's always a limit in acting childishly.

Feel so messed up till no song in the iTunes suits my mood now. zzz.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pair of Wings

Hope and Fear is like a pair of wings. You need both to fly- Imam Maturidi. 

Taken from Matluthfi vid titled ''Sebelah Sayap". The main point of the vid is how people try to solve problematic person with own different ways.

Most of people noticed how the ''Islamic'' dude do it wrongly, when Mat Lutfi do the right thing, in helping his housemate that suffer alcohol addiction.

But do you guys ever questioned yourself, which type of person you are?

Honestly, I can see most of people around me, keep abandoning problematic person.

''Lantak dia lah, dia dah besar'',

"Bukan tak nasihat, tapi dia yg tak nak dgr",

"Ni salah mak bapak dia lah, dia jadi mcm ni",

Don't you think that those words can be considered as running away from them? Why? Do you feel afraid that you would be the same?

Or you just simple don't care to help them at all?

And honestly, I'm also sometimes do the same thing. Running away.

Even when we're little, our parents already teach us ''jgn kawan dgn budak tu, dia nakal". There's a logic in their words at that time, but now we can already think which thing is bad, which thing is good. Still afraid?

If we want to help someone, put ourself into their position first. Feel his problem, find the source. And try to help in istiqamah way. That's what I believe, and what I trying to do.

Instead of just making our heart speak, make our mouth say it ! Take action ! That's what friends are for. Help who in need, not simply left them.

..If bad people only gather with their kind of people..
..and good people only gather with their kind of people..

..then until forever those tainted heart won't change..
..unless its by Allah's will..

Monday, July 22, 2013

The people who left behind.

Everyone still happy with the digree intake result. Most of my friends get the chance to further their studies. Yeah, I do feel happy too. But still, I got this mix feeling. I feel abit sad. For those who left behind.

That 19th July, I check the Penerapan result with my handphone. And the result ''tidak berjaya'' pop out. I check my IC number and key in multiple times but still nothing changed. The feeling of despair,broken, sad, confusion. My eyes starts to get teary and questioned myself ''Did I mistakenly fill in the application form?", "Did they consider my C in Thermodynamics subject as not-fit-to-study in Mechy?", "Or did they mistakenly put my name out from the list?", ''what should I do now?"

But then,a few minutes later, Zabid tell me where exactly I should click. By then I know I clicked the wrong link. And I did get the chance to further my study in EM220, at UiTM Shah Alam. Alhamdulillah. I directly sujud syukur at that time.

Allah give me that few minutes feeling of someone who didn't get the chance to further his studies. Its really painful. At that time I realize, Im not that strong to face failure.

The people who left behind, isn't just them who ''tidak berjaya'' in the application. People who still didn't finish their diploma journey also being left behind, and people who stop the journey mid way. Surely in their mind, they will keep thinking ''It would be nice if Im moving with the same phase with my friends....''.

For my friends that still on your diploma journey, especially Haidhar, please don't give up. Finish the things that you had started. We all have different paths, but in the end, the destination is still the same. For our brighter future, and for the knowledge. You can do it, I believe in you. I know that one day you will be the architect that build my house.

And for Noa, you're not stuck with time, but you're stuck with the place. Honestly, I really hope that we can together go to UiTM Shah Alam, but Allah is the best planner. Maybe He want you to accompany Haidhar there. Well atleast you got Anip with you. Now Its time for us to depart.

Im gonna miss both of you there. I dont care if this sounds gay or not. I bet I can't have much laughter without both of you guys.

Now we still got time to hangout. And hopefully, we're gonna meet again during holidays later. Or we can always meet in Legendia.

Every good thing will have its end