Friday, November 26, 2010

Music makes addict

Currently trying to master Fruity Loop Studio software or also known as FLSTUDIO.Its quite addicting,seriously.All you need to have is some simple knowledge of music and ta-daaaaa!! A song is created!

It sure does makes me feel like a producer.HAHA

Here's the screencaps of my current project,ZR-the 4 Seasons

The green bars shows the chord and each individual length act as the time line.

One of my fav sound FX,Sytrus!

Here how it works.

It takes me 3 days to learn the software and the result is here:

ZR-the 4 Seasons (minus one ver.)

do criticize my first project! thx a lot ! :D

MBC Star Audition:We're In it !

Without any preparation,we're trying our luck on this.Checkitout !

MBC Star Audition:Zero Range-Let me hear your voice (malay-japan-english cover)

for one who asking for the lyric,here it is

Sakki made no ame wa mou agatte
Asufaluto tadayou machi no nioi
Hey engkau di sana
Cuaca sudah cerah
Dari barat hingga ke timur

Hirogaru sora wa sou jiyuu de
Walau antara mereka berbeza
Namun kita masih serupa
tada kimi ga inai dake

biarku dgr suaramu
bila kita jujur bersama
Aishiaeru hazu sa
Me wo sora sanai de

Biarku dgr suaramu
Kita salin menyintai
Jgn kau alih pandanganku\
Ima no kono kimochi ga
Satu hala tuju

Yeah, Since you went away hasn't been the same
In my heart all i got is pain
Could it be that i play the game
To loose you, i can't maintain
Sunlight moonlight you lit my life
Realize in the night while love shines bright
Can't let you go we were meant for forever baby let me know

Days passed without you can't forget you
Letting me be the cloud hanging above me
Raining on me missing your touch
Nights get longer and it's hard to clutch
We're apart breaks my heart
Its all for the best girl, you're my world
In time my love unfurls
‘Till then wait for you girl

Satu hala tuju

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Words for you.

A little less conversation between me and ****

''and jge dy elok2
jge relationship tu
jgn rosakkan
**** xrse lg
mcm ktorang
ktorang dah penat asyik usha couple kat uitm
deep in our heart
nk gak
tp xdapat
its not easy to build a relationship right now
most friends kat U
smue dah ade couple
nk cari mne lg?
better start to appreciate what u have
bukan smua org ada relationship mcm **** ada skang''

PS: this isnt just for **** only.Its for all of u that already have a gf/bf.PLEASE take care of your relationship.ONE IS ENOUGH and appreciate what have.You wouldn't like to feel the same as us,the BTL team.Unless,u're that ''HOT'' that u can easily find yourself another gf/bf after breakup.

trust me,its PAINFUL.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The end of the 1st part.Its only a beginning.

So,this is the end of the first semester.Quite epic,stupendously fun and extremely full with drama.

Gettin' a lot of new friends,especially from MD1A and Teknik KL..And the DOTA WARRIORS that hang out at 2.14..

Winning the march competition,against other courses.Manage to get 3rd place for the Mech-Engineering Stationary Holder competition against 14 other mechy group representative.Not bad team!

Till the end, the BTL team still single.Oh yes,the ''Bujang Ter-Lajak'' team,Noa,Haidhar,Mazu,Zaim and myself. As girls around us already ''sold-out'',all we get are only the uneasy feeling of seeing couples at the so call ''de amore'' food court that flashing with pink coloured lovey dovey.

Still keep the faith? I dont know.It's like the answer is just too clear. But still,it's really hard for me to open my heart for other girl.Sigh.I wish I could do that.As the saying goes, ''time will heal everything''.I do hope they are right this time.Only time will tell.

Cheer up BTL.It's only a beginning.